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"ResetEra is forum only for far-Left leaning individuals who hate President Donald Trump, who agree with third-wave feminism, and who adhere to admonishing anyone who doesn’t agree with the media’s narrative that all straight white males are evil and women are weak damsels in distress. Anyone who steps out of line gets banned." —William Usher

Say hello to NeoGAF's woke son!

ResetERA is a regressive Left Internet "video game" forum founded by former members of NeoGAF after allegations of sexual harassment against the owner of NeoGAF Tyler Malka led to a mass exodus of moderators and users seeking a replacement forum to continue their discussion of games and promotion of SJW ideas.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It's just NeoGAF with a different name and even stricter rules.
  2. Remember Gather Against Fate? It's Aera now, and no, it isn't much better.
  3. They ban anybody for criticizing corrupt journalist sites.
  4. Its mods discourage any criticism directed at Kotaku.[1]
  5. You can post racism on it but will get banned for calling it out.[2]
  6. Fanboy wars on the forums just like on NeoGAF.
  7. They attacked American McGee for being pro-Gamergate and also a libertarian.
  8. They had to lock an entire Nintendo thread about a new store opening in Israel due to anti semitism. Yet ironically, they call people they disagree as "Nazis".
  9. They have a huge hateboner to RedLetterMedia.
  10. Still defends and justifies pedophiles.[3]
    • Yet you can get banned for supporting Japanese anime games (or some anime in general) due to it "promoting child pornography".[4]
  11. Like on NeoGAF, you can get banned for showing support of GamerGate; but on ResetERA, you can get banned for being paranoid about GG.
  12. Nothing positive about Daniel Vávra can be posted on ResetERA, that's right, you cannot even admit the truth that he made a highly successful game, or else you will be considered a "racist" and get banned.[5][6] Even Daniel Vávra himself was highly annoyed by this, although this rule seems to have changed recently.[7]
  13. Has boycotted Play Asia for still promoting and releasing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 after criticizing SJWs and moral guardians.
  14. When a Skyrim developer criticized their forum, the mods locked down the dev's thread.[8]
  15. They refuse to accept that stereotypes are based on observations made in the real world, as they are now complaining about how the Indians in Cyberpunk 2077 are mostly taxi drivers (ironically that complaint was based on the single Indian cabbie in the trailer).
  16. And they were offended over the term "cunt" in that very game. This is ironic (and also hypocritical) as the site has no qualms on using profanity, akin to NeoGAF.
  17. They banned discussion of calling out Naughty Dog for its regressive-left behavior.
  18. They forbade any Crowbcat's YouTube (post-2013) videos on the forum.
  19. An IGN journalist who wrote an article denouncing the content of the reboot of Modern Warfare especially the White Phosphorus use in multiplayer moonlights on the site threatening to throw milkshakes at people he disagrees with.
  20. They can be ironically xenophobic such as insulting Sony for being Japanese yet also supporting their censorship policies on the other hand.
  21. You can't even talk about or discuss any of the content produced by former IGN contributor, Colin Moriarty, on ResetEra without being banned.
  22. Hypocrisy they admitted that the site is toxic and they wanted NEOGAF back. But even then the site is just as toxic as NEOGAF was when they were online.
  23. A user admitted to sexually assaulting his stepsister.
  24. The site has recently suffered a massive data breach and the people in charge are keeping quiet about it instead of warning its users. Even more pathetic, the woman who broke the story, Sophia Narwitz is being viwed as "alt-right" and being attacked by the users, despite asking them to simply change their passwords and E-mail.
  25. They banned any discussions of Cyberpunk 2077, because in their opinion CD PROJEKT RED is «transphobic»
  26. After Mass Effect: Legendary Edition removed Miranda's booty cutscenes, they demand to even more censorship: Redesign all female Mass Effect characters and remove all high heels, calling it «sexist» and «misogynist»
  1. This site is not actually a gaming forum, is more of a place where SJW regressives plot to insert their unpopular political agenda into various games and pull off various acts of bigotry without fear of repercussion:
    • They mocked John Bain for his induction in the eSports Hall of Fame after his death.
    • One user actually went online to admit their coprophile fetish and how they enjoyed the smell of feces in a restaurant he works in.
    • They doxed a GOG staff just because the organization criticized unethical and biased game journalists and SJWs.
    • They threatened to sue anybody who found about their pedophilia activities.
    • Remedy had a Q&A session on resetera but needless to say it led to a massive backlash within the gaming community due to how toxic the forum is.
    • When XXXTentacion was murdered he was known for being a Kingdom Hearts fan who wanted to go to Japan and when Yoko Shimoura heard about it she composed a track titled Nocturne in his memory and when Resetera found out they decided to cancel her.
    • They attacked THQ Nordic and Limited Run Games for hosting a Q&A on 8chan.
    • They tried to forcefully censor Catherine due to its lewd content. And they even sent threats to the director of the game.
    • They tried to force Nintendo into censoring content in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
    • Not even the Piranha plant was inclusive enough in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.
    • They forced Activision to censor a character in Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled.
    • One user named Shinobi602 smugly leaked Banjo & Kazooie's appearance in Ultimate, ruining the surprise for many people.
    • They pushed a fake rumor of Sly Cooper 5 coming out.
    • They've actually tried to segregate black users into their own forum and every other user in their own forum.
    • When an online translator spent 4 years and over $400 in research to localize the Japanese only RPG Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijyūrokubei no Karakuri Manji Katame, ResetERA's mob harassed him just because he used the word "tranny" in his localization, eventually the translator caved in and produced a slur free version of the localization, and it's very likely that he'll never attempt another localization again.
    • They made an awful "suggestion" list on how to "improve" the Persona video game series and sent it to Atlus USA's twitter.
      • Most headers of said "list" were also problems that had already been fixed in older games in the series, set to be fixed in future games, pointless nitpicks or even stuff that isn't present in the games at all, which highlights their lack of research work and knowledge about the series.
      • In fact they've actually managed to have ATLUS cave in for Persona 5: Royal altering the scenes between Ryuji and the 2 gay men but in all other versions in Japan or in Europe the scene is still there.
    • They all have a huge hate boner not just for Persona but to also the entire Fire Emblem franchise.
      • One user even "criticized" the character design of the female characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, however most of what he said was nothing more than blind bashing against the game.
        • It even criticized Petra Macneary's outfit without mentioning that it's a typical outfit of her homeland, Brigid, which is a country inhabited mostly by hunters and tribes.
    • One user claimed that Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy VII is "an ignorant racist caricature." Anyone who disagreed with them was immediately banned from the forum.
    • Banned all threads about the Hogwarts Legacy game because they did not agree with the opionions of JK Rowling and Troy Leavitt, a senior producer of the game, claiming that they "have unrepentant bigoted views.”

List of notable users that work within in the game industry and in journalism.

  1. Patrick Klepak (Vice)
  2. Jason Schirer (Kotaku)
  3. Scott Reid (SEGA localization)







19 months ago
Score 1
How the hell could they object to the use of "cunt" IN AN M-RATED GAME?


18 months ago
Score 1
Just because they are snowflakes.


12 months ago
Score 0
Worst part is some members of this forum are game developers and publishers.


10 months ago
Score -1
Look at ResetERA's website and it was updated, it says "We will be performing scheduled maintenance in about 32 minutes, 48 seconds at around Apr 5, 2020 at 12:00 AM. The downtime is expected to last two hours." and "Site update in progress"! Hmm… what's that supposed to mean?


10 months ago
Score 0
Woah, That's a lot of images! So it's THAT Rotten Huh? And Also, They Would Die if they Saw Tamagotchi 3's Death Screen, Giygas or the 32x (I Mean Sega Mushroom)'s Ads.


5 months ago
Score -1
What would we expect from a site that looks like it tries too hard to be the antithesis of Kiwi Farms?


5 months ago
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If any of these users ever got doxxed because of the data breach and want sympathy, tough crap since they are all guilty of it as well.

I only wish doxxing on people that do it themselves.

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