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Reptile Channel
Engaging in animal cruelty since 2016.
Profile: Reptile Channel
Style: "Educational"
Date Joined: November 3, 2016
No. of videos: 130
Schedule: Weekly
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +504,000

Reptile Channel is a "family-friendly" channel that claims to be about "reptile education, care & feeding, avoid accidents and injuries, online degree programs, and bachelor degree accreditation". However, it is actually a real-life vore fetish channel where large reptiles like monitor lizards, Komodo dragons, pythons, and anacondas eat other animals. The channel currently has 504K subscribers.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Their About section is a lie. All the channel ever shows is either a snake or a lizard eating animals, some of which are alive when they are eaten. One notorious example of a live animal getting eaten can be found in the video "Anaconda Enters Chicken Coop--Eats Chicken", where they let their anaconda, Medusa, go inside an enclosure with chicks inside, where she proceeds to grab one, constrict it, and eat it on camera! This is because, as stated previously, the channel is secretly a real-life vore fetish channel.
  2. The channel's profile picture is a lie too since it shows a dinosaur in it when in actuality, it's not even about dinosaurs. It doesn't even educate people about dinosaurs whatsoever! The only dinosaur-related video they made were them going to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, Illinois where they visit the Tyrannosaurus rex specimen nicknamed Sue.
    • Though, Dinosaurs are said to be reptiles, which means in one way or another, it was understandable for them to use the dinosaur, but despite this, this doesn't excuse how there's only one dinosaur video.
  3. Some of the reptiles appear to be suffering, as well. On the same "Anaconda Enters Chicken Coop—Eats Chicken" video, one popular comment points out that Medusa (the anaconda talked about previously) looks like she has a respiratory infection that is inflicting pain on her. Reptile Channel claims that she had nasal plugs from incomplete shedding that were removed by the vet, but many are skeptical of the channel's claim.
  4. The channel is owned by JonahsVore, a vore fetishist who was previously terminated for similar animal abuse videos. He was also notorious for making graphic yiff stories in the past where dragons have sex with or rape, eat, and shit out young women.
  5. Despite claiming to be educational and academic, it is not either of those at all, and the channel doesn't seem to know how to take care of snakes properly. For example, aside from Medusa's poor health, one video shows a snake eating a "knocked out" (actually likely dead) wild squirrel. Feeding snakes wild animals is highly discouraged due to the risk of parasites that can be transmitted to the snake, or even worse, rabies.
    • Additionally, the channel claims that one of their live feeding videos was for a study by the University of Guadalajara, but this claim is quite doubtful, as the channel does not provide any links or any other type of evidence for this claim whatsoever.
  6. Highly annoying narrator who sounds like the narrator from Troom Troom.
  7. The channel appears to be largely dismissive of comments criticizing and showing concern for the wellbeing of the animals, especially on their more recent videos.
  8. Dramatic music is blared throughout their videos.
  9. In one video where a raven ate a mouse, the raven showed no interest in the mouse, but it was force-fed the mouse anyway!
  10. The channel uses clickbait in their titles and ESPECIALLY their thumbnails.
  11. The channel can make normal reptile owners look like awful people who derive pleasure from torturing animals with snakes. It can also make snakes and other reptiles look like horrid monsters.
  12. They “called out” New England Reptile Distributors/NERD for making his exposed videos about them. NERD later then sent a response video to them. This could mean they are narcissistic.

Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Their videos of them visiting Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History in order to visit the Tyrannosaurus specimen Sue was actually not as bad as the rest of their videos.




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