Religious nut-jobs

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Religious nut-jobs
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These people are an insult to their religion.
Nickname: Religious extremists
Religious fundamentalists
Status: Active

Religious nut-jobs are people who have an obsessiveness towards a religion. They are shown to be fanatics who take religion way too seriously.

While this page focuses mostly on Christianity religious nut-jobs, some of the qualities can also applies to nut-jobs of other religions, as well.

Why They Suck

  1. It's mostly filled with moral guardians and conspiracy theorists.
  2. They claim to tell the truth about society, yet their beliefs are nothing but laughable junk that is just bad.
    • They even see themselves as good people or gentlemen when they are clearly the opposite due to their hostile habits.
  3. They cannot handle criticism as the Christian nut-jobs will call anyone "Satanists" who criticize them.
  4. They assert certain opinions because of religion. This includes LGBT, science, certain people (such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, etc;), K-Pop, heavy metal, porn, gore, fetishes, crossover ships, certain cartoons (specifically adult ones), anime, hentai, etc.
    • It's worth pointing out that some would go as far as making biased reviews on a selected media such as Family Friendly Gaming.
    • They are pretty hypocritical about this because they just ignored that some religious people would like certain things, such as science or certain people.
    • They sometimes attack other religions, make many questionable or false claims of it based on their religious dogmas, and shames the adherents of said other religions.
    • They are very aggressive towards Atheists and/or people that don't believe in religion and say that they will go to Hell.
  5. They claim that Halloween is satanic, despite the fact Halloween is of Christian origin and the term "Hallowe'en" meaning "Saints evening".
  6. Most are extremely homophobic, as they call for the killing of homosexuals.
  7. They often shame anyone who does not follow traditional gender roles.
  8. Some of them, particularly the Christian ones, would assume that Pokémon is Satanic just because of some species such as the Ghost-type, Psychic-type, and Dark-type Pokémon, some urban legend that states that children in South Africa heard voices and fainted after eating chips which contained Pokémon paraphernalia, the Lavender Town myth that made children in Japan commit suicide, Pokémon themselves being able to evolve, the list goes on.
    • Meanwhile, Islamic fundamentalists accuse it of promoting Zionism[1], while some members of the Jewish community are accusing it of promoting Nazism.[2] Basically, Christianity is not the only ones who go against Pokémon.
    • Aside from Pokémon, they can also do this to other franchises as well such, as Persona, Dragon Ball, Harry Potter, Gravity Falls, The Owl House, Scooby-Doo, Family Guy, South Park, The Simpsons, Call of Duty, Bleach, Shadow of the Colossus, DOOM, High School DxD, Naruto, Shin Megami Tensei, etc.
  9. They use "the religious text says so" rhetoric, such as "the Bible says so", as an excuse to dislike certain things.
  10. To be fair, in the case of Christian nut-jobs (especially Evangelical Christians / Protestants), they completely have little to zero knowledge about the history of the development of the Church (like early Church councils such as Nicaea), let alone able to recite the Nicene Creed.
    • A lot of Evangelical Christians accuse and demonize both Catholics and Orthodox Christians for committing idolatry for having icons and statues (or just icons for Orthodox Christians) as part of the church. One thing that a lot of these people lost in the context in regards to the importance of icons is for visual representations of the people and stories of the Bible as well as instructing the matters pertaining to the Christian faith.
    • They also think that venerating icons and saints also part of idolatry, while venerating the icon and saints is done to show respect or tribute.
    • Many Protestants (but not all Protestants) are also accusing Catholics and Orthodox for "worshiping" Virgin Mary, while in fact, both are just venerating her. For a bit of knowledge, Virgin Mary (or Most Holy Theotokos) has a great role in bearing Jesus into the form of our humanity. And even if they worshipped her, that doesn't mean it is justifiable to lash at them.
    • Protestant fundamentalists think that they are true Christians while reviling Catholics and Orthodox as godless heathens, all-out.
  11. They try to ban media that they hate just because it goes against their religion like One Million Moms. Banning does not work like that! This is why they are not in charge in the entertainment industry.
  12. Speaking of the entertainment industry, the Florida Family Association successfully got Lowe's to pull advertisements from the now cancelled All-American Muslim in 2011, which they claimed that the show was propaganda to make Muslims look peaceful.[3]
  13. They are very sensitive when someone were to use foul language, use LGBT references, or anything they may dislike such as violence (even if it were the smallest things). This goes to show you that many religious nut-jobs are nothing but cowards who can't accept life.
  14. These are the same types of people who would take quotes or verses from anything from sacred texts (such as the Bible) out of context. In the case of Christianity:
    • Ironically, this way of interpretation is considered heretical by Bible itself, as written in 2 Thessalonians 2:15, "So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter." (ESV)
    • Speaking of "out of context", take the example of the Snake Handling Church as to how they interpret Mark 15: 17-18. If this interpreted contextually, it would say the promise Jesus gave to the Apostles when spreading Gospel.
    • The Bible does not refer to itself as a unit, nor could it possibly do so, since its most recent books date from generations before certain church councils assembled and winnowed the canon of scripture.
    • Islamophobic nutjobs sometimes take a Qur'an verse, as well even hadith out of context, in order to exacerbate their hatred of Muslims.[4]
  15. If anything, they are the sinners, since in Matthew 7:1, 7:2, and 7:5, the Bible actually forbids harsh judgement because only God can judge, which is what the nut-jobs are doing.
  16. Due to their manipulative behavior, they can easily brainwash and take control of another person's mind just by shoving their views on other people's throats.
  17. They are known to betray. For instance, some would like a certain TV show (such as The Loud House for example), but they raged in anger and stopped liking the show when they see some LGBT characters like Clyde's dads show up.
  18. They get really mad when someone says something like "Goddamn", "Oh my God", or anything that uses the Lord's name in vain.
  19. Hypocrisy: They claim to hate things that go against their religion, but they literally forget that some media they like may have things that they hate. (Example: Let's say that a religious nut-job hates Elton John for being LGBT, yet they blindly praise some people that they may like who are also LGBT such as The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons, who has a relationship with Todd Spiewak).
    • They sometimes complain about SJWs as well as people who hold religions different from their own, despite using almost entirely the same tactics.
  20. Few of the nutjobs would want to force people into having the same religion as them in the mean-spirited way possible. How harsh...
  21. They see people who enjoy science, LGBT, heavy metal, rock, K-Pop, Pokémon, violent video games/movies/TV shows, rap, anime, porn, fetishes, crossover ships, media with sexual content, or whatever else as Satan's followers rather than just people. Some religious nut-jobs would sometimes use Godwin's Law to bash other peoples opinions in order to describe their animosity towards people who like the said things.
  22. They rely on stereotypes to establish their views. For example, they think rock-and-roll musicians are drug addicts and glory hogs who wear edgy and devil-themed clothing, spiked boots, mohawks, heavy make-up, and piercings on their faces, and they play heavily-riffed guitars and screaming lyrics out, which is not always true, which proves that religious nut-jobs are too lazy or blind to the fact that rock music is just as diverse as other genres, and is not about heavy metal or hard rock.
    • Speaking of rock music, some are ironically are okay with or even enjoy soft rock or any rock music that's a love or religious ballad, despite claiming that rock music is satanic, either out of double standards or ignorance. Remember, these people think that the Beach Boys make the devil's music.
    • A number of rock musicians they stereotype do not fit into these descriptions at all. The Beatles, for example, wear black suits and have a more down-to-earth hairstyle and appearance.
    • They literally forget that there exists the Christian rock and Christan metal subgenres, there's even Christian black metal.
  23. They come up with the most heartless sentences they can think of. For an illustration, they assume that the LGBT people caused the coronavirus to exist.
  24. If words are not enough, some religious nut-jobs would go as far as brutally beat up their own children just because of their religious beliefs. Please take a look
  25. On the more extreme end, some religious nut-jobs would go to the point of honor killing and if they live someplace where such an act is a part of the culture, they get away with it.
  26. Since the religious fanatics hate anime, they literally forgot that The Flying HouseSuperbook (1981), and In the Beginning: The Bible Stories are animes that were based on the Bible.
    • They don't even know that some people who work on anime are Christians, such as Yasuhiro Nightow, the creator of Trigun and Blood Blockade Battlefront.
  27. They disregard numerous fundamental principles of society and rights. Notably freedom of speech, religion, and equality.
  28. They will lash at anyone who believes in the theory of evolution.
  29. Some religious nut-jobs will sent death threats to people, as they make terrible and malicious prayers and wishing that their victim should be killed, even if the victim is innocent. Some examples include such as when a Baptist in New Zealand wished for a gay Christian to commit suicide and a pastor named Steven Anderson said he hoped for Caitlyn Jenner's dies today and go to Hell.[5]
  30. They cause strains in family relationships, for example causing their children to hate them. Though fictional, the film Carrie is a huge example.
    • Speaking of strains in family relationships, they would ruin their children's imaginations and say just to "spread the word of God" as an excuse to justify their actions.
    • If they have families, they will only cause their children to rebel (if they have tenacity) or lose faith in their religion and become atheists, or convert to another religion.
  31. They cause people who were formerly fans of things they deem as "Satanic" to believe their lies.
  32. Sometimes they'll label something as Satanic/demonic even if the Devil himself or demons are portrayed as antagonists such as Cuphead, the Doom series, Black Clover, Blue Exorcist, The Promised Neverland, Fantasia, Gravity Falls, The Princess and the Frog, etc.
  33. Some nut-jobs, like Scott Lively, would make up false claims about LGBT people in order to make people scared, like how the Nazi Party were homosexuals (which is not true since Adolf Hitler and the Nazis actually hated homosexuals, they also killed homosexuals), or how all gays are pedophiles (which obviously is not true, as there are straight pedophiles too).
  34. Some can be toxic far-rightists, as they hate Donald Trump not because of all his wrongdoings, but because he was divorced and remarried three times (first was Ivana Zelníčková, second was Marla Maples, and third and current is Melania Knauss).



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