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"Raiding" is a term used for online, where dozens of users (or possibly hackers) storm a website, and end up destroying/taking over parts of it, usually via protests or spamming.


  1. Roblox's website was raided to the part where the site got temporary shut-down, and in response the admins went corrupt and started undergoing yearly-long forum restrictions to new users. This later was removed and replaced with captcha a few months later.
    • The same raider, known as QuackityHQ, later went on to raid many games, commanding players to make a character and then flood Twitter and the game with an hashtag. For example, the #BoycottHabbo hashtag skyrocketed to 30k+ during his raid.
  2. Toontown Online's servers were flooded with bots in 2011. This was allegedly done as protest to Disney failing to patch the Toontown Injector python exploit that plagued Toontown in 2010.
  3. Google Plus had people raiding communites via either spamming or a hacker getting in and kicking everyone else putting up messages that the site is "raided".
  4. Amino Apps communities are well raided every day.
  5. YouTube was raided in 2009 by 4chan users to spam inappropriate videos. This incident was nicknamed "Operation YouTube".
  6. Habbo, an online MMO was best known for player raids that storm certain areas which exploit the fact that the players are capable of blocking other players via lining up against certain places, such as the infamous "Pool's Closed" raid.
  7. Speaking of 4chan, the site is well known for their raids not just online but, on television and livestreams as well. A good example is the 2014 Independence Day Tumblr raid, which later 4chan and even Discord will later influence rules not to discuss or plan raids or any form of harassments.
  8. The Baidu Post Bar for Chinese KanColle suffered from raids back in January 2015 after 3 moderators were suspended without any warning due to being "reported by various users" and "uncooperative with related activities". The bar was filled with spam messages and many high quality posts were taken down, resulting in a drastic drop of user members. The official Chinese KanColle website also suffered from numerous DDoS attacks. The main motivation behind the raids is the rumour about how KanColle's private Chinese server staff bribed Baidu with ¥700,000 to replace the original mods with their own selection of members to promote their service.
  9. Back in July 2018, the creators of the Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, were being harassed and doxxed online by alt-right trolls from /pol/ on 4chan and r/the_Donald on Reddit, among other sites after accusations of pedophilia and child pornography when one of their old dark humor sketches were discovered by many Twitter users.
  10. Back in 2018-2019, Howrse was raided by a bunch of troll accounts on multiple servers, using vulgar language, impersonating the admins/moderators (like Raf's Mum and Cailow), making their profile picture a middle finger, sending offensive messages, etc., but they possibly got IP blocked eventually and stopped.
  11. Animal Jam's chat was raided by a bunch of trolls using vulgar language and using certain words to bypass the filters, making the chat even more strict.
  12. Scratch has been raided by a bunch of people, and they were intentionally stealing art, projects, and OCs, making inappropriate projects (like Me and the Pee), trolling/harassing people, evading the bad word detector, talking about people behind their back, disrespecting opinions, destroying studios, etc.
  13. r/fuckcaillou (from Reddit) raided a Caillou Discord server.
  14. Zoombombing

Why It's Rotten in General

  1. It can cause sites to crash and other users to struggle with the site.
  2. The raiders usually get a lots of attention via spamming messages.
  3. They can also trigger DDoS and unresponsive servers to the website if hackers tagged along.
  4. Sometimes personal information can be doxxed out as well.




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Along with doxxers, these are the lowest life forms you can find on the internet.


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