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Quizizz logo.png
How do you make reviewing fun? Nothing. Nothing at all.
a.k.a.: Unknown
Type of site: Fun Multiplayer Game
Language: Multilanguage
Created by: Quizizz Inc.
Owner: Unknown
Date of launch: Unknown
Written in: Unknown
Status: Active

Quizizz is a game website that is supposed to make reviewing fun.

Bad Qualities

  1. If the option is enabled by the teacher, memes (many of which are considered "dead" by today's standards) will appear on the screen whenever you answer. The memes shown depend on whether you got an answer right or wrong, how many answers you got right in a row, and/or ranking comebacks. They even use Rick and Morty, Futurama, and memes (many of which are dead), even though Those shows are rated TV-14.
  2. The memes that display whenever you get a problem wrong can feel very insulting.
  3. The soundtrack can get repetitive.
  4. Some quizzes have swearing in them.
  5. Some users are Trolls, Cyberbullies, Weeaboos, Normies, or even SJWs.

Good Qualities

  1. It does stand out a bit from Kahoot and Quizlet, such as having independent timers and homework quizzes.
  2. Some funny memes.
  3. You do have the option to turn off the memes.
  4. Good idea on paper and useful for Discord server events.