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Making math less fun and more unfair

Prodigy Math is a free math game website, where you create your Prodigy Math account, create your character, and fight and battle monsters and bosses by solving math problems. It can be either played at school or at home.

Why It's Rotten

  1. It rips off better RPGs and slaps math problems on it.
  2. It also rips off the Pokemon franchise, as you can collect creatures with a set of powers and put them in battle.
  3. Absolute abysmal difficulty. Whenever you get an answer wrong, it will just give you a message saying, “oops”, and it will let the enemy attack you DIRECTLY afterwards. That’s like punishing someone who didn’t know the answer without at least a good hint on the question.
  4. False Advertising: In the trailer, it says that the math problems are fantastic, but the game just gives you whatever it wants. Even math problems that are harder for 1st graders to answer, but easy for a 3rd grader and upper.
    • In one review, a parent had a kid who did 5th grade math and he came to his dad crying because he didn't know any of the problems it gave!
    • The hints for all math problems tends to be either Sherlock easy or downright cryptic, making math even worse to learn than learning it the traditional way.
    • Another thing: The artstyle for the log-in/sign-up screen is pretty good compared to the in-game artstyle. Too bad it is misleading.
  5. The chibi art style in-game looks ugly.
  6. The villain in this game is pathetic. He steals all of the gems to make sure no wizard can ever learn math. Yep, he doesn't want kids to learn math. This is basically using the "it's made for kids" excuse.
  7. Loud and obnoxious voice acting with Slurpy being the worst as he constantly screams everything he says.
  8. You can't do most things without membership. It gives you a limit on the number of pets you give, you get only ONE chest while your exploring each world, and you get stupid-looking clothes. This is why many parents complained about this, as it can urge children to pay $6-$10 per month for a membership.
  9. It makes your character look like a dummy who doesn't know what math is.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. It has Epic toys, to where you don't just get a toy, but the Epic toy can also be your pet on the game. This is an interesting concept, but it went to waste.
  2. Some updates can be decent at times.
  3. Some good attacks such as the Conjure and Pummel.
  4. It is still slightly better than XtraMath.



8 months ago
Score 3
Seriously, my math teachers, practically force us to play this game. All I want to do is just burn this game already.

Spidey McFly

5 months ago
Score 1
I know right? This makes Big Rigs look like the best game ever.

Pinky Malinky

6 months ago
Score 1
Die in a fire, Porg.


4 months ago
Score 1
Rather play Fortnite than this crap

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