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Ash is basically a 20-year-old woman with a brain of a 4-year-old child.
Date Joined: Apr 26, 2017
Status: Terminated
Subscriber Count: 40.4K

Ashley "Ash" Sotamayor (born: February 8, 2000 [age 21]), better known as Ash, Princess Ash and formerly Madame online, is a former American YouTuber who joined the website in April 26th, 2017 whose videos consist of commentary, gameplay footage, storytimes, and lengthy responses to her “haters”. Ashley branded herself early on as a self-described “Female Leafy”, designing her merch after his own and dubbing her fanbase the “Reptilian Sisterhood”.

She has been controversial for not crediting, and slandering two artists.

Around October 2020, she has been terminated for violating YouTube's terms of service, which has been considered a good riddance because of all the atrocities she has done.

Why She's Rotten

  1. She is known for treating artists like dirt, and only using them for the art they make and not pay and credit them afterward.
    • She didn't credit the artist (Their name is @_slimurs_cryaotic_ on Instagram) that made the drawings in her thumbnails and sprites she uses in the videos.
      • Madame was interested in commissioning Slimurs. Slimurs, because of their age, did not have a PayPal, therefore could not accept payment. However, Slimurs was very passionate about working with a YouTuber like Madame, so she offered to draw her sprites for free. Slimurs then draws the artwork under a condition that she gets credited in the description. Another part of the deal that Slimurs gets a shout out in a video. So Slimurs wasn't credited when her work was used in a thumbnail. When Slimurs noticed this, she left a comment on the video mentioning it. Later on, Madame had a meltdown on her DMs calling Slimurs unprofessional many times and had blocked Slimurs on Discord and Instagram. As a result, she put a message in her video with the thumbnail containing Slimurs art saying "no one since they decided to be unprofessional! :)". This reason pretty much ruined both her career and reputation on social media.
      • Also keep in mind that she even attempted to dox Slimurs by revealing her phone number. Thankfully it was fake.
    • She stopped crediting another young artist named Mocafuwa, the person who made the art on her merch and her profile picture.
  2. She's a cyber-bully. Keep in mind that she harassed and slandered Slimurs and Mocafuwa and tried to defame them.
  3. She's a huge LeafyisHere wannabe, she also tries too much to be like him like by being super edgy.
    • After saying that she stop posting under the name of Madame, she starting being a RiceGum clone by thinking that she is always in the right and her haters are in the wrong.
    • She even copied leafy's about section and channel banner one time.
      • She's also copying the same drama Leafy started in the past as Leafy too didn't credit his artist.
    • Her Discord server is named "Reptilian Sisterhood". This speaks for itself.
  4. She was notorious for being a scammer and a fraud by starting fake fundraisers. When it has enough money, she doesn't keep her promise like what the fundraiser goal is and would run off with the supporter's money, buy stuff with the money and would pretend the fundraiser didn't happen.
  5. Madame is 19 years old and hurt a 15-year-old girl for something she herself did wrong (which could've been easily solved if she simply credited her).
  6. Instead of apologizing to Slimurs for not crediting her art, she decided to block her and say bad things about her, and even said that Slimurs was being unprofessional.
  7. In response to the drama, she made an over 30-minute long video about Slimurs's "fabrications", it's very bad that it has its own page here.
  8. Her response to the drama she started is confusing, she says in a Discord post that she'll delete all of the social media under her name and live with her friend, yet in an Instagram story, she doesn't mention some of that at all.
  9. She can't accept criticism, she decides to hide on her Discord server and abandon all her other accounts when she uploaded a new video that received lots of backlashes. At the beginning of her "THE 3000 IQ ARTIST" video and Instagram stories, she insults the people that called her out by calling them "furries" and "liars", even though most of them aren't and had good evidence against Madame.
    • On her Instagram, she pretends to thrive off of negative attention and pretends to think that she hasn't lost thousands of subscribers on her YouTube channel.
    • It appears that she abandoned her Instagram as well.
  10. She acted very immaturely as she thought everything is a game.
  11. She was an attention seeker, she's probably only fueling the drama just for earning clout and attention.
  12. It appears that she has a limited vocabulary as she overuses certain words like "Fabrication" and "unprofessional".
    • She will also make you wish those aforementioned words didn't exist.
  13. Major hypocrisy: she claimed that Slimurs is being unprofessional, yet Madame is being unprofessional herself.
  14. On Discord, she told someone to kill themselves just because they said something Ash didn't like. (broken link)
    • In the same screenshot, it shows that Madame is also fat-phobic as she called the same person she told to kill themselves fat.
    • She also made up lies about Slimurs especially about the claim that Slimurs lied about her age, Slimurs was too young to have PayPal.
  15. She has a massive ego that's larger than the whole galaxy as she thinks everything she says is a fact.
  16. She's a massive liar. Examples of her lies include:
    • She claims that the art she is using in the thumbnails and sprites were commissioned by Slimurs even though Madame didn't pay anything due to Slimurs being too young to have a PayPal account and shoutouts don't count as payment.
      • Shout-outs don't count as commissions by the way.
    • She lied about her lawsuit with Onision just for clout and attention and to also scam the people that supported her lawsuit with Onision by spending the money she earned from supporters by going on vacation and seeing a concert. Proof:
      • In her "Apology for Everything" video, she claims she has the papers for the lawsuit, but she refuses to show them because people think she's lying.
      • She deleted all her Onision videos to run off with her supporter's money. Proving that she did scam them.
    • She said in an Instagram story that she'll no longer post under the name of Madame yet still uploads a video on her channel.
    • She also lied about being homeless, possibly to play the victim and gain sympathy from her critics.
  17. She's incredibly vain, she talks so much on her Instagram stories that she'll gain popular from the drama because she thinks that she's in the right. Even though she had lost a lot of subscribers.
  18. Before the Slimurs controversy, She made fun of suicide and children with mental disorders.
  19. There's a transphobic white knight named Akumu that supports Madame and harasses her haters that criticize Madame or her friend ZeroKittenz. He also made a video whose sole purpose is to victim shame Slimurs with very biased, bigoted, and poor reasoning without having any decent or good pointers. In the comment section of the video, he removes any comments that counter Akumu's claims which shows he doesn't accept negative criticism. The title of that video is highly hypocritical due to the fact that it calls Madames haters Slimur's white knights yet Akumu is doing the same by being a white knight to Madame.
  20. She was mad because her sprites took 2 weeks to be finished. Art takes the time you know since Slimurs is 15, she has to deal with school, family stuff or other stuff.
  21. She tried to make Slimurs look bad by saying that she lied about being a sexual assault victim when Slimurs has evidence that the assault actually occurred.
  22. Her Discord server, Reptillian Sisterhood, is very bad.
    • The server itself tries way too hard to be edgy, such as being named after the reptilian meme by LeafyisHere and having an Anti-Furry environment (see next pointer).
    • The server has admins with usernames that are offensive to the Furry community. There's even an admin whose name had a racial slur named "Furry = N*****".
    • After Repzion made a video on Madame, her mods went on a massive censorship spree by immediately IP banning those who came from his video. Madame also made the Discord invite link to her server invalid on her "The Korean Skippy" video. According to the former mods of Madame's server, Madame also went ahead and banned most of her admins, showing that she likes to abuse her admin power.
      • They also ban anyone that dares to mention the drama.
      • A YouTuber named Nawnii actually went on her server, but the admins responded by banning her
    • The Leafytards there like to make fun and mock Madame's haters by screen-shotting their comments. Showing how actually toxic the server really is.
    • It's also the place where Madame likes to hide in since it's where she's active the most.
    • Besides Akumu, Madame has other white-knights that came from her Discord that reply to other peoples comments telling them to drop the drama and forget about it.
  23. Her newest video after the now-deleted "Apology for Everything" video still uses Slimurs art without credit. She also called her mom a little Onision which is really disrespectful.
  24. She's homophobic, with proof. (broken link)
  25. She's incredibly racist as she said that all Asians look the same to her.
  26. She even doxxed Mocafuwa by leaking their email in one of her recent videos about the Art Community.
  27. She tries way too hard to get a reaction from Slimurs by using her art in her videos thumbnails or her sprites in her videos.
  28. She also tries too hard to pretend that the drama didn't happen by changing the topic in her recent videos.
  29. The artist who made her current profile picture and the thumbnail art for her most recent video, Lumistarbun, is just as bad as Madame.
  30. She doesn't add anything new to her content since she is busy coping LeafyIsHere's videos.
  31. Keep in mind that she bought actual weed. We wish we weren't making this up. (citation needed)
  32. She made her Pink Tier on her Patreon incredibly expensive by making it cost 100$, saying "you will become my friend if you pay $100 a month", showing how greedy she is.




Agent Joestar

one month ago
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She got terminated very recently


one month ago
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Good riddance.


one month ago
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Since she got terminated back at October 2020, I don't have to deal with her anymore.


one month ago
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This clown has finally been banned from YouTube. Hope she never comes back there, she has done so many awful things.


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'akhiraan, depois de muchos bitki, ona ist vegul nakunatta probabil vir det aaraam av sua la vie


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What language are you speaking?

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