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"Polygon only lets women speak when we say how bad men are. It's their male privilege kink." – Liana Kerzer

Polygon logo.jpeg
"Poly" is a greek word for "many". This means there are many things wrong with this website.
Type of site: Gaming website
Language: English
Owner: Vox Media
Date of launch: October 24, 2012
Status: Active

Polygon is an American video game website that publishes news, culture, reviews, and videos. It's launched on October 24, 2012 as Vox Media's third property. The site was built over the course of ten months, and its 16-person founding staff included the editors-in-chief of the gaming sites Joystiq, Kotaku and The Escapist.

It sought to distinguish itself from competitors by focusing on the stories of the people behind the games instead of the games themselves. They also produced long-form magazine-style feature articles, invested in video content, and chose to let their review scores be updated as the game changed. However, it's just another heavily corrupt gaming website that sided against their audience and publish politically biased contents.

Why It's Rotten

  1. The worst aspect of Polygon is how it handles criticism: they never tackle any criticism head on, they just trash whoever called them out and reply with vague things like "PlayStation army is here".
  2. Like Kotaku, it's very easy to get banned on this website.
  3. Lots of clickbait articles.
  4. Ghost reviews (fake reviews usually made by bots) are also common on this site.
  5. They consider themselves a blog rather than a news outlet, which is just an excuse for the excessive corruption present among its staffs.
  6. Speaking of corruption:
    • Polygon published an excerpt of the controversial book WTF is wrong with video games? by Phil Owen, in such a manner that it substantially took the form of undisclosed native advertising. After receiving backlash, Polygon amended the byline and framed the critics as if they had been confused by the byline change.
    • Senior editor Phillip Kollar, after dismissing people accusing him of having a personal relationship with Zoë Quinn by saying he had never written about Quinn, he wrote about her without disclosing their relationship. It's also revealed that Kollar backed Quinn’s Patreon and one of her crowdfunding campaigns, and his social media records suggests a very friendly relationship with Quinn.
    • Writer Danielle Riendeau gave a perfect review for Gone Home without mentioning her personal ties with game composer Chris Remo and possibly Steve Gaynor - the game's lead developer.
    • Then there's Arthur Gies, he's the review editor when Polygon's 9,5/10 Simcity 2013 review was released among heavy criticism. Gies steadily defended the game's always-online DRM, insisting that Simcity couldn't function offline even after it was proven it could, and accused gamers who advocated for the DRM's removal to be "an agenda-driven anti-online movement".
    • Last but not least, we have senior editor Ben "Rape is funny" Kuchera, who is yet another financial supporter of Zoë Quinn that positively covered her without disclosure. Soon after this was brought to light, however, Polygon updated their ethics policy and disclosure was added to this article. 
  7. Polygon also attempted to push SocJus agenda on multiple occasions:
    • Danielle Riendeau, in her Dragon's Crown review, gave the game a heavy penalty for its art style being “alienating and gross in its depiction of women”.
    • Arthur Gies infamously criticized Bayonetta 2 for its “blatant over-sexualization” in his review of the game, and in his review of The Witcher 3 he spent a good chunk of the article complaining about its "oppressively misogynist" world and lack of "a single non-white humanoid" (which is a blatant lie).
    • They spent more time spinning Black Panther into a pro black lives matter narrative instead of reviewing it.
    • Colin Campbell called Grand Theft Auto V "misogynistic" just because it included the ability to kill prostitutes - something that was included in most of the previous GTA games and purely optional that was never encouraged by the game at any point.
    • Tauriq Moosa once wrote an article accusing The Witcher 3 of racism for not featuring any people of color, despite the fact that the game is based on 13th century Poland.
    • Claimed The Last of us 2 trailer was promoting violence.
    • Said Call of Duty WWII was not diverse enough.
    • Saying that they want to see Sonic the Hedgehog's feet. (Sega had made fun of them as a result)
  8. Some of the sites writers take incompetence to a whole new level:
    • Charlie Hall's Kingdom Come: Deliverance review.
    • Colin Campbell's Rock Band 4 preview, it's so bad it won the Society of Professional Journalists’s Kunkel Award for Worst Story of 2016.
  9. One of their writers rallied an outrage mob to take down Diversity and Comics pateron page.
  10. They even mocked Red Dead Redemption 2 for focusing on the harder look of life in the wild west.
  11. Along with Kotaku they tried to stir outrage over a character in Catherine Full Body edition. But this backfired really badly.
  12. They defended Anita Sarkeesian during the whole vidcon scandal.
  13. One of their workers spent the majority of their time looking for the most attractive enemy in Castlevania despite it supposed to be monsters.
  14. They claim that even the poorest people living on minimum wage have privilege.
  15. When twitch streamer Ninja said he won't stream with other women as he wants to be faithful towards his wife, Polygon helped spread outrage to fellow other social justice warriors mocking him for this decision.
  16. Adam Baldwin was casted in Star Control Origins they directly were offended by Adam Baldwin's casting and Brad Wardell the main developer was annoyed on the outrage behind this.
  17. They actually listed DMC the reboot of the series as the prequel. Even though it is actually Devil May Cry 3 showing how incompetent they really are.
  18. Polygon has defended lootboxes being forced into video games calling it a "necessary evil".
  19. One of their journalists was having a affair with Projared for months and because of this he and his wife are now being divorced.
  20. They also consider Square Enix to be sexist due to the portrayal of women in Kingdom Hearts.
  21. They also smeared Attack On Titans and called it nazi and facist propaganda.
  22. They also shilled for Metal Gear Survive defending its anti consumer mechanics.
  23. They placed Gone Home ahead of many other acclaimed games like Chrono Trigger.
  24. They even stated that Call Of Duty Black Ops 4 would be better without any gore showing how squeamish they are to fictional violence.
  25. They also mocked Jump Force for having many male anime characters.
  26. One of their authors Chris Plante projected his fetishes out in public on twitter.
  27. They also send outrage mobs to Ethan Van Sciver for being pro comicgate and for him being a trump supporter.

Videos that debunk Polygon



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