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A example of your typical political attack ads.

Political Attack Ads are advertisements that appear mostly during election days in the United States, whenever it is presidential or gubernatorial. These ads are used for making people change their mind to become against a candidate for president/governor, and instead vote for another candidate.

Why They're Rotten

NOTE: Some of these examples mainly focus on gubernatorial elections of Florida, although some still focus on U.S. presidential elections as well.

  1. They're everywhere on Facebook, YouTube and even other social media websites.
    • Especially one of the news team, Wink News, admits that the ads are everywhere.
  2. They are very annoying and tasteless.
  3. According to SunSentinel, they are very cliché as, “Most of the ads feature clips from TV news, dramatic music, unflattering black-and-white pictures of the target and ominous warnings.”
  4. Most of them are bias and derogatory to the point that they're sometimes hard to follow. Here are examples:
    • They claim that some candidates are on an investigation from the FBI as being wanted for a determined reason.
    • They also claim that other candidates are against gender equality and environmental protection.
    • Also, they claimed that Ann Murray said the n-word.
    • Another claim was that Charlie Crist “ran away” from Florida and became a US Senator instead.
    • For Bill Nelson, they claimed that he “failed” his promise for Lake Okeechobee’s algae since 1992.
    • And finally, lots of attack ads of Donald Trump to this date, which claim that Trump is racist.
  5. Some presidential and gubernatorial candidates have been shown to hate these ads.
  6. Even people who watched these ads hate them and claim that they’re ineffective.
  7. So much negativity and astroturfing whatsoever.
  8. They can be hypocritical at times. Even though they encourage not to vote for a candidate and recommend another candidate(s), the other ads will also tell viewers not to vote for the candidate(s) that they recommended, making some not vote for any candidate, either way.
  9. Some attack ads are straight-up nonsensical, such as this one attacking Janice Hahn. Be warned that the video contains NSFW content.


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