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NOTE: Like Vyond, these issues may be caused by its fanbase which was known to make grounded videos, unless if you think that Plotagon is better then Vyond.

Vyond but in 3D.
Type of site: 3D Animation Software
Language: English
Date of launch: 2013
Status: Active

Plotagon is a 3D "animation software", the beta version was released in 2013 and the full version was released in 2014. In 2015, the website started to rise in popularity with grounded videos after many people quit Vyond.

Why Their Business Is Rotten

  1. You can't have more than two characters in one scene. Plotagon's excuse was that the camera system can only handle two characters in a scene and that they would have to develop a new camera system that would support more. They said they were working on it, but it's highly unlikely as Plotagon doesn't usually keep a promise.
  2. You can't size a character, due to limitations of the software.
  3. Plotagon almost always fails to add user suggested features properly. An example was when they lied about adding the ability to have more than two characters in a scene, but users were enraged to find out they just added "extras" which were useless. They also tried to “add” walking in a lazy way by introducing walking scenes which are locked behind a paywall.
  4. You can't make people walk. Plotagon's excuse was yet again, the camera system. They also questioned about AI and how would the character know where to walk despite the beta version already having the feature.
  5. Quite possibly one of the most broken animation apps ever. The infamous floating head glitch happens when you create a bald character like Caillou, which makes grounded videos made in Plotagon more creepy than funny. Secondly, character bone placements are completely off, making some characters look like they've broken their shoulders. Missing textures are also common.
  6. In the beta version, it had a more realistic style. Plotagon changed it to look more cartoony which looks like an early version of The Sims 4.
  7. Plotagon were oblivious when everyone's purchases were removed when the subscription came out.
  8. The official Plotagon Channel later went inactive in 2020, after the subscription update came out. In late 2020 they did come back but it just makes the company look wrong however.
    • It later started promoting Caillou Gets Grounded videos made by people who were ex-GoAnimators/Vyonders, up to and including officially adding Caillou's shirt to their catalog (referring to it as "Annoying T-shirt)! Which could result in Plotagon getting sued for copyright.
  9. Many of the good features from the beta version were removed.
  10. Unlike Vyond, Plotagon doesn't let you insert characters into a desired location in a scene.
  11. There are only two props, which are locked behind a paywall.
  12. No drag-and-drop options.
  13. In the bedroom scenes, you can't make the characters sleep for an unknown reason.
  14. False advertising: Plotagon lied about extras (seen on point 3) and in the camera control trailer, the camera looks much more fluid and customizable. The trailer also featured more than 2 characters in a scene, but it wasn't included in the update.
  15. The mobile version is an absolute PAIN to use. The controls are unresponsive, the app crashes frequently and there's a lot of glitches.
  16. It's very unoptimized, and it can drain the battery of your device pretty fast.
  17. Plotagon mocked their own community.
  18. Despite the TTS voices costing $5 each, some users that have TTS voices installed can use their own TTS voices for free due to a bug with the mobile version of Plotagon. However, they will not be used in the actual video, which forces users to record the video using a screen recorder like Mobizen.
  19. The app has an anti privacy measure when the app is on while on the internet, causing many users to use the app while offline just to use many of the backgrounds, characters, and clothing for free.
  20. The "animation software" hasn't received a major update in a very long time, as the result, the "animation software" gradually broke over time.
  21. Due to the extreme amount of glitches, and the fact it's very unoptimised and crashes often for mobile, it's become nearly impossible to make a video.

Bad updates

  1. Many of the features from the beta version were removed.
  2. It started to have micro-transactions after 2015.
  3. In 2018, many of the clothing items which were free, now costs money to use. Even clothes cost money.
  4. In 2018, they removed the newer Joey and Jennifer voices due to the fact that their license for Cereproc voices expired.
  5. In 2019, Plotagon decided to discontinue Plotagon Story on Windows and Mac for no reason!
  6. In 2020, the subscription update caused users to lose all of their purchases.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It's much cheaper than Vyond.
  2. The website used to be decent in 2013 to 2017.
  3. Plotagon Story for Windows and Mac can still be used if you still have it (The only difference is that you can't log in to your account and you cannot buy anything in the shop).
  4. The music is pretty good.
  5. The TTS voices are nice to hear despite the fact that it's behind a paywall.
  6. Characters can do different actions with each other (e.g. kiss, slap or hug).
  7. Some of the videos are pretty funny, depending on your view.
  8. Even though things cost money in Plotagon, it is somewhat understandable for them to do this as they need money in order to keep Plotagon from going bankrupt (even if they are getting a little bit greedy when it comes it).




5 months ago
Score 0
It's also used by Flex Entertainment's bootleg rappers


4 months ago
Score 1
Can someone please explain exactly how they "mocked their own community" in that video?


4 months ago
Score 0
Asking for the voices back, and acting like the Vyond Community


4 months ago
Score 0
I used to like Plotagon, but ever since they removed the Joey and Jennifer voices, discontinued Plotagon Story for Windows and Mac and removed the login feature, I stopped using the app completely. I just can't believe that Plotagon is now heading in the same direction that Vyond is.


4 months ago
Score -1
I believe you can use the Joey voice again (the older one that Amazon Polly uses) in a Amazon Fire HD Tablet


3 months ago
Score 1

Sorry for necropost, but I agree. I loved the login feature, and then the staff of Plotagon decided to make a bad update and remove the login feature.

I am kind of sick and tired when the good apps make things worse.


2 months ago
Score -1
I always hated that app. X(


2 months ago
Score 3
They actually thought it was a good idea to add Caillou's shirt to the clothing catalog.


one month ago
Score 0
Basically the twin brother to vyond


25 days ago
Score 1
In comparison, Vyond is looking pretty good in comparison to plotagon.

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