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Plagiarism is an act where you take people's work or ideas and passing them off as your own. This happens commonly on the internet.

Why It's Rotten

  1. First of all, it's a form of theft. When you take people's work and making them as your own without permission or not giving credit, it is considered as stealing people's property.
  2. This can also count as cheating. For example, you just copy things from the internet and treat it like you have done your work, which proves you haven't learned anything at all.
  3. This can also cause controversies among jobs.
  4. This is a sign of dishonesty.
  5. Even Internet trolls do this to gather attention. They can even get away from copyright takedowns.
  6. If this happens most of the time, this can make ideas worthless.

How To Avoid Plagiarism

  • First of all, if you want to copy, just change a few wordings and the concept of it. Or say the meaning in a different way.

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