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Pixilart logo.png
This ain't Pixel.
Type of site: Pixilated drawing website
Language: English
Created by: Bryan Ware
Date of launch: 2013
Status: Active

Pixilart is an online pixel drawing tool and social platform for artists.

Bad Qualities

  1. There can be a lot of tea/drama on this website, and plus, sometimes people can be really rude.
    • An example is that ThisRapperTiger once commented “ikr this drawing is so stupid”.
  2. People can steal art, which is against this website’s rules.
    • For example, some people just edit someone else’s drawings without changing anything at all, and then it gets added to their gallery. The proof is in this.
    • Someone might upload someone else’s artwork to their gallery and then claim it as their own.
    • People can trace art sometimes, which is considered stealing.
  3. People can make false claims about someone’s favorite things if the victim has a photo of it, and then the false claimer comments rudely on it, which is cyberbullying and trolling.
    • For example, PerryTheDog (known as PerryTheChiweenie on Scratch and a lot of other websites) once posted a photo of one of her drawings of one of her buses, which she posts about a lot (Titled “Bus 894 again”), and then Nico-Acevedo claimed it to be the bus that “kidnapped his sister”, just to be mean to her (PerryTheDog). He may just be joking, but still, it is not okay for him to claim stuff like that. He also has a lot of sockpuppets and then one of them claimed it to have “kidnapped his dad”, which is also cyberbullying and trolling.
  4. Sometimes people post disgusting or offensive wall posts, drawings, and photos.
    • One example is that Real-Nico, who is possibly another one of Nico-Acevedo’s sockpuppets, posted a drawing of a Nazi sign, which is offensive and eventually got taken down either by the owner or by one of the admins/moderators.
  5. Sometimes people on this website will make death threats, which is worse because death threats can get you arrested and you could go to jail.
  6. People will sometimes spam repeated words or gibberish, which can be seen as annoying.
  7. There are some racists and homophobes on this website.
  8. There can also be opinion disrespecting.
  9. People can even attempt to impersonate you, which is rude.

Good Qualities

  1. Most of the time, people are generally nice on this website.
  2. It can be useful for people who like to draw pixel art.



Why is everyone bullying PerryTheChiweenee? She doesn't deserve the hate


8 months ago
Score 2
I don't know? Is dogs the main reason?

Perry The Chiweenie

8 months ago
Score 2
The main reason I get bullied online is for following certain people (like FluttershyKindness49 on Scratch, because she bullied me for that), liking certain things, and for joking about certain things.

Ice cake 2543

3 months ago
Score 1
And This is why I go to Pixel art websites that don't have a community

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