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Time the photos kicked the bucket!

Photobucket is an American image and video site, web service suite and online community, which was infamous for the controversial P500 subscription plan that hid images hotlinked from the site behind an error message unless one paid $399 per year for the plan.

It was created by Alex Welch and Darren Crystal on May 8, 2003.

Why Their Business Is Rotten Now

The error that appears on many images hotlinked
  1. On June 26, 2017, Photobucket announced a change to its Terms of Service, requiring a $399 per year subscription fee plan called P500 for those who want to hotlink images from its servers to display on other sites, something it had offered for free before. As a result, many images hotlinked from the site display the error message shown on your right unless you pay for the P500 plan or use 3rd-party extensions to get rid of the error.
  2. Like ImageShack, you have to pay for something that was previously free when you can just get something similar for free on other websites.
  3. The staff are known to not care about their platform, as they just make updates without notifying the userbase.
  4. Updates to the site often plague the site with third-party advertisements with no control on malicious content, making this site very unsafe to use without an ad-blocker.
  5. TinyPic shut down in September 2019, and all users were switched to PhotoBucket.
  6. It was once filled with cesspools of recolours, mainly from Sonic the Hedgehog[1][2] as well as many other fandoms (which are too many to count).




5 months ago
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I used to use Photobucket to host tech images, then I moved to Imgur. However, I may move again soon to something better.

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