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You made the nail in the coffin on your career, Coffin.

Peter Coffin is an indie game developer, YouTuber/BreadTuber, comedian, let's player and notable online attention grabber.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He faked many different conversations with himself and other accounts he created to the point when found out by moderators on many different sites he was humiliated.
  2. He has a massive habit of plugging his content on many different sites in hopes of getting attention, but very little traffic comes through.
  3. The content he puts on many different sites is very low quality and any attempts of being humorous always fall flat.
  4. He has another big habit of embarrassing himself online and one time on national television where he kicked himself on the testicles on the craziest person in America.
  5. One attempt of attention whoring was creating an entire Wikipedia page on himself and with the multiple different accounts he has made but was deleted by the admins when it was determined to be not notable enough.
  6. He made up having a girlfriend and wife and when found out he tried to damage control the situation saying he was catfished.
  7. He has sent cease and desist letters to those who have criticized him.
  8. He harasses others and one time attacked a blogger online for criticizing him.
  9. He has put up photoshoped and faked pictures of his alleged wife on social media.
  10. He is also very pro-SJW and tried to paint himself as a victim by claiming he's trans-racial through being Jewish.
  11. Even other SJW members find him to be creepy.
  12. He is very preachy about his own personal SJW beliefs.
  13. Other ventures he has done such as music, radio hosting, blogging and being an indie game developer were all massive failures due to his lack of talent.
  14. Very defensive of Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn and has one time attacked Carl Benjamin for his criticisms against both parties.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He has recently changed his opinions on Sarkeesian and has criticized her (albeit mildly). This got a predicable response from the rest of her defenders.
  2. He has also recently decided to debate Milo Yiannopolis at the Democratic National Committee. This also got a predicable negative response from his lefttuber fans.



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