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"Big bag, big bag
bigga-booga-booga-bigga-big bag!

Yob Kulcha (Gerry Clark) - "Big Bag"

Patimex is a Polish charcoal company infamous for its poor website design. The current site is

Why it's Website is Rotten

  1. The music that is made from older FL Studio versions, is absolutely awful, as it is just gibberish country music repeated over and over until you mute on it through the musical note button.
  2. The devil in a burning grill holding a sausage (What's the point of it?) looks like it was made by a child. Not only that but the animation is really lazy because the whole thing moves but neither the devil nor the fire do the same.
  3. The company's logo can pulsate to attract your attention, which can be really annoying.
  4. The Polish text fades in and out constantly, making it hard to read that part.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The website navigation works fine.
  2. As stated earlier, you can turn off that annoying music by clicking on the musical note.



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