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Welcome to CrapWorld!

OurWorld (also known as ourWorld) is a online community that you can play games, do quests and more.

Why It's Rotten Now

  1. Full of non-talking users, it's hard to get friends because they don't talk, instead, they are afk.
  2. It bans users for no reason, mostly the old accounts get banned.
  3. Most of the things are for Residents and Zoe's Club, which non-membership users don't have enough money to get!
  4. All they update now is new games, gem codes for Facebook users and monthly codes, and event items, such as when its easter, christmas, winter and etc. Ourworld hasn't updated anything.
  5. They shut down forums for no reason, its maybe because of SJWs using the forum.
  6. The quests is too hard because the games are even harder and the badges are also even harder!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. 2008 to 2011 was good years for OurWorld, while 2012 to 2013 was decent years.
  2. OurWorld has been dying down since 2015, so many players has quit the game due of not being updated.




13 months ago
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I think OurWorld hasn't updated for a long time ago, since their only update is the codes (Facebook weekly codes and Monthly codes).

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