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A step back in evolution.

Otherkin are people who identify as partially or entirely nonhuman. A dragon, a lion, a fox—you name it—there is probably someone out there who feels like they are more these things than they are human. The otherkin community can be found lurking on Reddit, Tumblr, TV Tropes, and other online forums.

Why They Are Rotten

  1. They actually act like the animals or even as objects or fictional people they identify as. Unlike furries who are fans of anthropomorphic animals.
  2. Ridiculous belief system.
  3. Much like Political side the Furry Fandom or part of the LGBTWTFBBQ+ community that have made up genders, they are quick top bash anyone who doesn't support their preposterous beliefs.
  4. Some of them are highly delusional.
  5. Even the simplest of acts could mean they identify as an animal or fictional person.
  6. There few did manage to create infamous religious-like movements like in Final Fantasy (and later Hannibal) fandom with Jennifer Cornet's couple known cults like "Final Fantasy House" based around this concept.