Opinion disrespecting

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Opinion disrespecting
Yodi Death Sound Lashing.jpg
Here is an example of opinion disrespecting. Look at Random Kids comment. Does it really matter if they say the Yoda Death Sound is overrated? Just let them be! It's not the end of the world if they had a unpopular opinions!
Nickname: Opinion Disrespecters
Opinion Lashers
Type: Toxic Move
Status: Extremely Active

It's true that everyone is entitled to their own opinions as not every single individual has the same taste as the other, but there are some people who just don't care. If you like or hate something they don't like or hate, you will be given what is called an "opinion lashing/disrespecting/shaming."

Sure, some opinions can be flawed, but that's still no excuse.

Why This Move Is Rotten

  1. This type of behavior is relatively common on the Internet.
  2. The main point to describe it is that nowadays, people abuse their right to have an opinion on something, positive or negative. They will make excuses to shove a poorly-made opinion on anyone. And for this reason, that professional critics can't be trusted.
  3. They take opinions too seriously.
  4. This move is very cruel and can cause the victim to commit suicide.
  5. This shows that the slightest thing you do can get you attacked on without mercy.
  6. They'll whine about a lot of people liking or hating what they hate or like. Examples of what they say: "Why do people like this overrated garbage?" or "Why do people like this?" or "Why do people hate this?".
  7. They usually don't give out good reasons as to why they like or don't like something.
  8. Some people treat their opinions as facts.
  9. The worst part about lashing a different opinion is that it causes drama on the internet to spread like wildfire.
  10. They will not stop arguing over having somebody else have a different point of view.
  11. They can't handle criticism.
  12. They have a "facts don't care about your feelings" mindset, which just elaborates their behaviors.
  13. They take things they like or hate way too seriously, such as cartoons or video games.
  14. Most members of the Vyond community believe "good users" and "bad users" exist when they actually don't. In other words, the "Good" and "bad" user logic. It's an excuse made just because someone has a different opinion.
  15. They sometimes threaten to give people false copyright strikes just for having an opinion. How can you give innocent people copyright strikes? Filing a false copyright claim is a crime, and you can get arrested for that.
  16. They are even hypocritical, as they complain about others doing this when they do this as well.
  17. They pass off disrespecting opinions as criticism; It's alright to give criticism to an opinion if it's found controversial or unwarranted, but silencing a harmless opinion is not, there's a difference between criticizing opinions and downright shaming a person just for giving an opinion.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Some opinions are worth lashing at, like how it's wrong to support evil real life people, groups and organizations, like PETA, Autism Speaks, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and Taliban.


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