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Behold the worst Youtuber of all time!
Also known as: Onision, Ogreasion, Onion Boy
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

Onision also known as Gregory Daniel Jackson is an American YouTuber known for his commentary.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He's an absolute psychopath. He's done and said a lot of bad things like:
    • His claim that promiscuous women can't be sexually assaulted.
    • He hates celebrities who overdose(d) on drugs.
    • He filmed his girlfriend having a stroke.
    • He managed to get underage girls to send him nudes, just to insult their appearance.
    • He is a radical atheist who used Christina Grimmie's death to force his militant atheist views down people's throats, and proceeded to attack Grimmie's brother when he called him out. For the most part, he seems quite happy that Christina is gone.
    • He filmed his daughter cracking her skull.
  2. He is also a radical vegan and in a deleted video, he ranted about the entire population of Earth that eats meat by calling them "murderers", seriously. He also contradicted himself by saying that he doesn't murder anything when he himself killed his pet Russian tortoise (See WHR 13).
  3. Speaking of veganism, he forced his dog Leelu to be vegan, despite the fact that dogs are biologically carnivores, having descended from gray wolves, carnivorous animals that he hates for said reason.
  4. He claims to be the "most honest" person on YouTube, but his history and content obviously show it's completely opposite.
  5. He is very gross and creepy about younger girls, stalking/obsessing over other YouTubers.
  6. He once stated he has treated people throughout his life abusively.
  7. He is a manipulative bully.
  8. He cannot handle criticism, as he disables the ratings and comments on all of his videos.
  9. He cannot comprehend sarcasm or humor in any shape or form.
  10. He once admitted he likes girls who look "underdeveloped", which is highly disgusting.
  11. Related to the above, he is proven to be a sexual predator.[1]
  12. He hates being called a pedophile, but proceeded to accuse Shane Dawson of being a pedophile as well. Super hypocritical.
  13. He killed his Russian tortoise by leaving it trapped underneath a garbage can during hot summer days. His excuse? "It was a filthy Russian Commie". Turtles are animals, animals do not care about politics, nor can they choose their breed.
  14. He was trying to get MrRepzion's YouTube channel terminated with false copyright claims.
  15. He's claiming to live out in the woods in protest for his Patreon getting deleted when actually, it's only his own backyard. (The damaged wetlands can be seen in the background of his recent video.)
  16. He called the police on Chris Hansen when he came to his house and made up lies and fabrications about Chris to the operator.
  17. He made three horrendous books.
  18. He didn't handle retweets and telling people to stop retweeting his tweets.
  19. When another YouTuber named ShonkyWonkyDonkey made vocodong videos out of Onision’s videos, Onision got extremely butthurt and ranted about it.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His "I’m A Banana" song was somewhat decent and spawned memes.


"Murder Eaters"

In April 2009, he uploaded a video called "Murder Eaters" which sparked controversy. In the video, he rants about the population of the world that eats meat saying he does not "give a f*ck" about their opinions and going as far to call them "murderers". The video was eventually deleted, potentially because of the criticism it received. However, replicas of it can be found on YouTube.

Insults to Christina Grimmie

On June 11, 2016. Onison stated some very controversial comments on his Twitter about the death of YouTuber/singer Christina Grimmie. He stated that "Christina gets shot and you all prayed for her. 1. If your god cared she would not have been shot. 2. You prayed, she still died. Wake Up" Onison faced severe backlash on these comments. Onison has since apologized, stating that he did not intend to hurt people's feelings.

Feud with Shay Butler

In 2010, he criticized Shaytards proprietor and former Maker Studios partner Shay Butler for saying that he was going to have his newest son circumcised. Greg attacked Butler via Twitter, leading to a massive influx of negativity over social media towards Greg from Butler's fan-base. Greg apologized for implying that his comments were "made personal," but did not apologize for his criticism of Butler.




Whole Wheat Bread Sheeran

one month ago
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Is it fine if I use the LifeofOnion wiki as a reference for improving this page?


one month ago
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one month ago
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Look at that huge e-mail that Adrienne sent intended to describe her relationship with Onision! http://www.l...e=The_Letter

Proves that he's the biggest crybaby that should JUST GROW UP! What a prick! He even annoyed her by spam-calling and spam-messaging her!


12 days ago
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Wait he did the banana song?!


12 days ago
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Yes. That same girl stalker who needs to grow up did the banana song.


10 days ago
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Do you wanna to know more about Onison's stan? There was a fucking stan make me abhorred him. THIS GUY said that Onison shouldn't TREATED like a shit since he was homeless and HE SAID THAT ONISON IS STILL FUNNY DESPITE OF THE SHIT THAT HE HAS HAD FUCKED!


9 days ago
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Proof? Where did he say that?

Even then, Onision is a crybaby.


2 days ago
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He is a huge crybaby. I added in the Bad Qualities section that when a YouTuber named ShonkyWonkyDonkey made vocoding videos out of Onision’s videos, Onision got all whiny and ranted about it, and claimed to be making a “final video” which was just him ranting about ShonkyWonkyDonkey’s vocoding videos.

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