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From every decade's you got the toxic side of Nostalgia
Nickname: Nostalgiapurists
Type: Ingoring the flaws of the past
Status: Extremely Active

Nostalgiatard is the term used for people who worship anything old and attack those who are new. Due to the nature of it gets to the point that they are so many types of them on the Internet.

Why They're Rotten

  1. Firstly, you got these people who worship anything they like when they are younger. Which is really blantly ignoring flaws in these eras like the '80s.
  2. Arguably their biggest flaw in their mentality is their inability to accept change, indicating their adamant belief that everything should always be the same.
  3. They typically posses a declinist attitude and a rosy retrospective view of the past, exhibiting favoritism of the past while portraying modern times in a negative, exaggerated way based solely on their childhood life which is blind nostalgia as they are almost not aware of the problems society faced in their days. They fail to retrospectively see the problems that their times faced, solely relying on nostalgia.
  4. They also believe the world is getting worse, indicating pessimism.
  5. They are willing to discriminate, bully, or disrespect anyone with a positive opinion on modern times whenever presented to them.
  6. They are rather arrogant and chauvinistic in their beliefs, not too different from any toxic fan.
  7. They are massive gatekeepers and circlejerkers, as they are found literally anywhere in most old media featured in the internet, essentially giving these media a bad name. Their gatekeeping goes to the point that they claim that "kids today won't understand the greatness of X".
  8. Every community will and can contain nostalgiatards, from music, gaming, film, even architecture and engineering.
  9. They also mostly consist of baby boomers, Generation X, and '90s millenials. Gen Z people who act this way exist, despite not even born nor experienced said times.
  10. They are rather blind on the fact that nowadays, classic media are readily accessible, because back then, people would waste money attempting to buy physical copies whereas today they can simply digitally obtain it via download.
  11. Many of them are completely blind to the flaws that their times have had, like let's say disasters like the Chernobyl fallout which killed or poisoned people or the massacre in Rwanda, as well as the AIDS epidemic that killed Freddie Mercury, a person they worship. Bad media existed in those times as well, and most of them are largely forgotten, which further contributes to their arrogance.
  12. They have extreme double standards towards the media they like, tending to use words like "real" to define the thing they crave just to spite modern media.
  13. They can't take criticism, as they use many childish or repetitive excuses, like how life was simple in their times, media today panders to political correctness, or is a consumerist product meant to sell and make revenue (in short, cashgrab). What they also don't understand is that media isn't all about artistic value, they are also made to profit.
  14. They may have the audacity to call themselves "real fans" and act as if they speak for a dead person they treasure, such as claiming that the person is spinning in their grave just because they do not like modern media.
  15. They typically have a passive-agressive-narcissistic behaviour in which they make a lot of excuses while trying to present themselves as mature and civil, in which they usually fail.
  16. Speaking of narcissism, they tend to feel special and seaquestered about what they like just because they either grew up with or (if they were born recently) started liking classic media, and so, they often brag out their liking of that media and disparaging modern media in an obnoxious, pretentious way, almost completely ignorant of the fact that a majority of today's youth mostly knew and even liked these older media due to their lasting appeal and/or pop culture presence.
    • Speaking of which, there's a small group of nostalgiatards who brag about obscure classic media, making them borderline hipsters.
  17. Due to how numerous they are, they managed to stain the classic entertainment communities.
  18. It's no surprise that many of them are Obsessive Anti-SJWs, moral guardians and religious nuts, always exhibiting declinist behaviour towards today's society.
  19. Speaking of declinist attitudes, some wish death upon today's celebrities or well-known figures (Such as Justin Bieber, Dwayne Johnson or Cameron Boyce) or wish destruction upon modern corporations or studios (such as post-2010s Disney, EA, or Sony Animation) just because of how radically they practice media today compared to then, usually bringing up greed, consumerist practices or political pandering as reasons.
    • On the other hand, they will magnify childhood celebrities like they were literal gods (such as Clint Eastwood, Freddie Mercury, the Beatles) or companies/studios (Like pre-2010s Disney, Nintendo or pre-2000s Sega) as if their lives depend on them, but instantly turn their backs on them the moment they do things they don't like, like revealing their political stances.
  20. Adding to the previous point, whenever a celebrity they magnify has passed away, such as Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Chester Bennington, etc., they demand God to resurrect them and wish death on modern celebrities like Justin Bieber and Rebecca Black.
  21. Speaking of these, they completely ignore that celebrities or companies they cherish have mostly no qualms with modern celebrites or media and may even befriend them, enjoy their works, as well as getting involved in said media (such as Elton John working with Lady Gaga or Martin Scorsese still making films with modern actors). They often ignore that classic can work well with modernity if done right.
    • If they do find out, they typically act ungrateful and butthurt and act like they own these people or companies, which easily exposes their elitist and gatekeeping nature, showing that they do not speak for these people/companies, or their work.
  22. The younger subset of nostalgists often shout that they were born in the wrong generation, which can get rather annoying and offensive.
  23. Because of their never-ending elitism, they have made complete stereotypes of themselves and has since spawned content mocking them, such as r/lewronggeneration and "OK boomer".
  24. They also brag about the technology of their times, and hate smartphones, computers and other high-tech objects. They stereotype millennials as addicted to internet culture or phones, and act like they're worse than drug addicts, which just basically exhibits declinism towards the youth.
  25. They are huge hypocrites, complaining about internet culture and modern times using the internet itself, contradicting themselves.
  26. They've been known to use annoying complaints which had turned into stereotypes, such as "back in my day", "When X used to be", "Kids today", and "They don't make X like this anymore".
  27. These people span across generations, since the dawn of man. It is likely that this cycle will never end as Gen Z has recently shown rosy retrospective attitude.


  • Benthelooney
  • Mat Brunet (Worships 20th Century films and bashed on 21st Century films apart those who made by Disney)
  • Matthew Davis Media
  • Nick Sorenson (ToonEGuy; A example of a '90s kid)
  • Rebecca Spark
  • SaveCartoonNetwork!
  • Ryan (SonicShadow98) (Who is a nostalgiatard of classic stuff, a example is the 1999 Noggin Logo).
  • TheMysteriousMrEnter
  • Eric Winans (WubbzyOlieElmoBlueandNogginYes ModernNickJrNo) (A whiteknight of Bella the Crossovia Creator's and LeoTuber2021's past selfs, and he insult Nick Jr. by calling them NickDiarrhea​. Which is similar to how Rebecca Spark calls Qubo "Dorkbo". also he is a part of the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom and even claims Mrs. Greyfeather ruined Nick Jr. in 2012, Which Mrs. Greyfeather is a oc made by Bella the Crossovia Creator, Which he proofs he is a liar).
  • LeoTuber2021 (Pre-2020) (He used to be a whiteknight of Eric Winans and Bella the Crossovia Creator's past self, Who was still on the Modern Nick Jr. He even made a fake Nick Jr. ripoff called NickTorture, Which is a another insult to Nick Jr. And even made stupid reasons on the curriculum boards.
  • Bella the Crossovia Creator (Pre-2020) (She used to be yet another whiteknight of LeoTuber2021's past self and Eric Winans, Who was still on the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom and used to took shows she hates like Scruff or Paw Patrol way to the extreme, And she went to make fake shows like Scruff's Clubhouse, A parody of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, And Made a lot of false ripoff claims, and still use the NickDiarrhea insult).
  • Computer Store 2 (Still on the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom).
  • JC n Charles (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • Plush Star (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • Max And Ruby fanatic 2005 (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • Video Kunn (He was one of the first users who started the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom).
  • spongebob is iconic (A another one of the first users who started the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom).
  • Ty Humphries (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • BLAZE X (Same as Computer Store 2, as well as a Eric Winans and SonicShadow98 wannabe).
  • Diego Bables (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • Francisco Rosado (A another Eric Winans wannabe).
  • Linda Uwakwe (Same as Computer Store 2).
  • The Cartoon Maniac (Who started the Modern Nick Jr. Hatedom).
  • MJthePreacher (Who wants to bring TV back).
  • alyssaownsyosoul (A Nickelodeon nostalgiatard).
  • Thetelvin123 (A Another Nickelodeon nostalgiatard)
  • MewMinto34 (Yet another one.)
  • Ted Harris (Yet Nickelodeon Nostalgiatard).
  • Network Hits (A another Cartoon Network nostalgiatard)
  • The BRG
  • Kolton Steel (A Disney Channel nostalgiatard).
  • MrJazzydj (a Cartoon nostalgiatard)
  • The Alastair (A another Cartoon nostalgiatard).
  • N's Defunct Workstation (A another one of a Cartoon nostalgiatard).
  • Kenji 2Real (a another nostalgiatard of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network).
  • Modern SMG4 Haters
  • Hotoil
  • ekim1982
  • szymonevil (A scratcher who made a Anti Disney XD Studio).
  • justice wilson
  • User Ben (a nostalgiatard that hates Nick Jr. He also acts similar to SonicShadow98 due to hating popular stuff).
  • Jttcutie (A nostalgiatard about Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, Nicktoons Network (now Nicktoons) and Toon Disney (Now Disney XD))
  • shinobiflare (Pre-2009) (A Nostalgiatard of Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, etc.)
  • Brett Foshager
  • PIEGUYRULZ (Pre-2016?)
  • Kyle Harris
  • Modern SpongeBob Haters
  • Spartan Zed
  • EB The Original Master
  • Alpha Jay Show
  • FlameKing2700 is awesome
  • webdesigner18
  • CyberBlizzard
  • SidewinderTrolling Vlogs
  • Fred-Rex 2007
  • Spencer Karter
  • Kyle Kenny
  • Ren Rants (Hating New Star Trek Movies)
  • Modern Music Haters
  • Super Charmander
  • Modern Video Games Haters
  • Iwillrantify
  • Colbert Awesome
  • justsomekidpro
  • ZebulonJames
  • Big Thrills Mike
  • bringitonproductions





one month ago
Score 9
Downvote if you want too, but I used to be like this. Now I moved on from acting like this as I am trying to watch some modern movies and cartoons as well as listen to modern music.


one month ago
Score 1
There's also modern-tards, who basically are the opposites to nostalgiatards. They portray the modern times as it's better than before.


one month ago
Score 1
PC Master Race in nutshell.


one month ago
Score 3
I freaking love the wii But Learn to not treat The things you experienced as a child like the reincarnation of Jesus crist Lmao


20 days ago
Score 1
same here, man.


20 days ago
Score 0
okay, I admit. I like the past, but I would NEVER be so obsessed to the point where I shame anyone for differing interests.


20 days ago
Score 1
Same. I like older music but I will never shame newer artists.


20 days ago
Score 2
I hate these people. I read a dc comic in my school and one nostalgiatard teacher told me that I should be ashamed of myself and called me "uncultured".... Lol the world is changing, times are different.


20 days ago
Score 1
Damn. Coming from the teacher? New low


17 days ago
Score 4
I like flash games, but I currently know its flaws like those security issues, atleast I put an end to my nostalgiatardic self in some CGW page about the discontinuation of Flash Games

Grammar guy

17 days ago
Score 1
Nostalgia tards on January 1, 2021: (explodes)


3 days ago
Score 0
NPC: Honestly, most 80s games have outdated trial and erro...
Nostalgia-tard: WhAt DId yOu SaY SUcKer, yOu DoN't dARe tO Do ThAT Or I GoNnA FuCKIng KIll YoU.
AlvaroNovaes-BR & other admins: Ah shit, here go again...

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