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Nora The Wolf is a user who joined Twitter and Instagram. He has received some backlash for being a pedophile.

Why He's Rotten

  1. Let's get the elephant out of the room, this guy is a literal pedophile, trying to groom minors, asking them their name, school, parents, where they live, passport and inappropriate images, sounds familiar?
    • Speaking of familiar faces, it's highly implied he was in some way connected with Jade. Pedophiles can often be within groups, after Jade went after some minors, Nora decide to go after the same. Nora also went after peachycub who was one of Jade´s victims.
  2. Nora also pretends to be a 16 year old girl online for his crimes. Well isn't that also similar?
  3. He even admitted to one of his victims about his facade.
  4. He would try to pressure them into not leaving him otherwise they will get doxxed.
  5. According to some, he even caused one of his victims to commit suicide.
  6. He tried to manipulate Nawnii into not talking about him. Thankfully she didn't fall for it.
  7. Overall he is basically the Jade of Early-2020.




  1. As of November 2020, he was probably arrested or went into hiding.





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Now that's what I call a Wolf in Sheep's clothing! (Poorly drawn Patamon shows up) No pun intended....


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ok, as much as i hate him, this page is kinda trash...


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Thanks for the criticism.

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