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The flamewar profiteer.

"When it comes to dealing with Nora Reed online, the only winning move is not to play."

Lolcow Wiki

Nora Reed Heineman-Fleck is a notorious serial harasser and proponent of identity politics on Twitter who is hallmarked by her hostile, aggressive and contradictory nature. While many people of interest covered by Kiwi Farms or Lolcow Wiki are hallmarked by these same behaviors, few are quite as loud and obnoxious as Nora, who maintains a cult of personality (often dubbed "The Norasphere") and will shamelessly use it for her own gain, either to bilk them for donations via e-begging or as part of attacks against her enemies. Her actions have landed herself on no less than six block lists, even GGAutoBlocker (ironic since she's anti-GG).

Why She's Rotten

  1. Nora's skin is even thinner than rice paper, she is either extremely easy to offend, or actively tries to get offended over the pettiest of things.
  2. When Bert and Ernie are revealed to be asexual by the former’s old puppeteer, Frank Oz, she wrote an entire clickbait article on why their sexuality should matter even though it’s just a kids show.
  3. Nora has an extremely volatile temper and had a glorious history of engaging in cyberstalking and harassment of anyone who made the mistake of running afoul of her online (a mere disagreement or opposition of SocJus ideology is enough for that).
  4. Nora loves to play the victim card more than any social justice warrior in the world, to the point where it becomes utterly ridiculous. One of her favorite tactics is to accuse others of misgendering her (she literally changed her gender pronouns multiple times in 2015 alone[1]). Other tactics include accusing her target of ableism (Nora claims to be disabled); or of transphobia (Again, she claims to be a trans); or of victim blaming (Nora has a preposterous claim that she's a rape victim: she was "raped" by having consensual heterosexual sex while being unaware that she was asexual).
  5. She's a supporter of ANTIFA.[2][3]
  6. When it comes to online flamewars, Nora will use every foul tactic in the book to slander those who have the audacity to not "listen & believe" her: from petty insults to doxxing[4], to intimidation[5], to dogpiling, to contacting their employers in an effort to get them fired, to the good old classic trick of Nazi accusations[6]. Worst of all, she actually believes that all of the aforementioned tactics are completely justifiable.
  7. She had even go so far as to harass members of the Trump administration by sending them photos of Nazi war victims[7][8][9][10][11]. She also advocated the usurpation of the US Government[12], claiming that it's okay to use violence on people who hold political ideologies she disapproves.
  8. Much like the other members of the SocJus outrage mob, Nora is all bark and no bite. When she ran into someone who's unwilling to buy her stuff and strikes back with ridicule, Nora will back off like a spineless coward and play the classic hypocrisy card by claiming that her target is harassing her.
  9. Nora has the greediness of DarksydePhil combined with the laziness of Panda Lee, she has been unemployed for years and is completely dependent on other people (such as her father and boyfriend). Her primary source of income is her e-begging via Patreon, where she would charge up to $65 just to reply a tweet[13].
  10. Nora seldom takes responsibility for her own failures and shortcomings. Besides the aforementioned harassment accusations, she also blamed Kiwi Farms for much of the self-described "harassment" she receives.[14]
  11. The articles she writes are beyond ridiculous.



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