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Nerdist Industries logo.jpg
Type of site: Podcasting
Language: English
Created by: Chris Hardwick
Peter Levin
Owner: Legendary Entertainment
Date of launch: February 2012
Status: Active

Nerdist Industries, LLC is part of the digital division of Legendary Entertainment. Nerdist Industries was founded as a sole podcast (The Nerdist Podcast) created by Chris Hardwick but later spread to include a network of podcasts, a premium content YouTube channel, a news division (Nerdist News), and a television version of the original podcast produced by and aired on BBC America.

Why They're Rotten

  1. They threw Chris Hardwick under the bus for false sexual misconduct allegations.
    • They scrubbed all of the references to Chris Hardwick after being fired.
  2. They also endorse violence against anybody who disagrees with them.
  3. They also enjoy mocking fans of Star Wars and Marvel.
  4. They also even harass anybody who disagrees with them politically.
  5. They downplayed the heroic actions of Poe during the Star Wars trilogy, much to the backlash of Star Wars fans.
  6. They are very supportive of Marvel's current SJW-oriented comics.
  7. When Dumbledore's sexuality was not going to be explored in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, they were verklempt.
  8. They can't handle criticism, so they often censor comics.
  9. Wil Wheaton, one of the biggest contributors, slammed Star Wars fans for hating newer movies.
    • Even with female characters being added in Star Wars, they are still not satisfied.
  10. They also have no problem with spoiling certain parts of movies. One such fan of The Exorcist called out one of the writers and was blocked from their Twitter account as a result.



  • They are also parodied by Redlettermedia in the Nerd Crew.