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NeoFAG(GAF): Listen & Believe

NeoGAF, launched in 1999 by Jim Cordeira as the Gaming-Age Forums, is an Internet forum that discusses video games, founded as an adjunct to Gaming-Age, a video game news website. On April 4, 2006, the GAF changed its name to NeoGAF and became independently hosted and administered.

In October 2017, after allegations of sexual harassment against owner Tyler Malka surfaced, most moderators resigned their positions, and their whole community launched ResetERA, an even worse forum.

Why It's Rotten

  1. If being infested by regressive leftists and toxic fanboys wasn’t bad enough, NeoGAF is also were numerous pedophiles lurk. Some of the users were even justifying and being apologetic of the act of pedophilia.[1]
  2. Toxic fanboy wars on the forum (especially Sony fanboys).
  3. It’s often criticized for blatantly biased moderation that silences and bans dissidents.
    • And it doesn’t hesitates to show it, one user was banned because “If you think that GAF is a hive mind where people get banned for disagreeing, than you don’t need to post here.
  4. You cannot register for NeoGAF manually, instead, you have to email a petition to the mod team. Meaning that it could take months just to get approved.
  5. The website has no qualms on letting users use racist or sexist slurs or very offensive profane words (like C**t, as seen in the pictures below) as a way of cyberbulling others.
  6. Easy to get banned, especially if you have a different opinion.
    • Boogie2988 was harassed and eventually banned on NeoGAF simply because he supported Gamergate, described Christina Hoff Sommers positively and disagreeing with pseudo-feminists like Anita Sarkeesian and Zoë Quinn.
    • One user was banned for promoting facism and white supremacy just because he used the word “reich” (Excuse me, there are two German empires before that one!).
  7. Lazy modding, one in particular, Christopher "amir0x" Goldberg, was even caught with child pornography and sentenced to 2 years in prison.[2]
  8. Pro-SJW beliefs and anti-GamerGate propaganda was pushed.
  9. Sold Kotaku user content without permission.[3]
  10. It’s members, along with Gizmodo users, launched a harassment campaign targeting Nikki Moxxi just because she was dating Trump supporter and Oculus founder Palmer Luckey. It’d gotten so bad that Moxxi was forced to close her Twitter account.
  11. Some of its members attempted to get Milo Yiannopoulos arrested for exposing the corruption within their site and various other game journalists.[4]
  12. Their Final Fantasy XIV free company—Gather Against Fate (GAF for short, later renamed to Aera after the demise of NeoGAF)—is just as bad. They constantly blame other party members for their own failures, push social justice agenda and getting triggered easily like the special snowflakes they are.
  13. Around 2014 the site was used for Journalists to gain insider information from the video gaming industry. But eventually this dwindled as much of the information was unreliable.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. After the Tyler Malka outrage, discussion of politics was banned from the forum, which means that people won't have to deal with from toxic SJWs anymore.
  2. Since the community moved to ResetERA, no one cares about NeoGAF anymore. As a result, what little activity that occured on the website became much more civil.

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