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Bought to you by the Web Massas, the first major Anti-Black website!
Type of site: Anti-Black Forum and Gallery
Language: English, with sub-forums in multiple languages
Created by: Tom Shelly, Raptorman, Reb Biker and Sickle Cell
Owner: Tom Shelly
Date of launch: 2003
Status: Online

N*ggermania is a racist website which was created by 4 people, Tom Shelly (Active), Raptorman (Left), Reb Biker (Left) and Sickle Cell (Banned). While it tolerates people of all colors and creeds, black people and their defenders are not allowed on the site. This website became infamous for its black bashing and cringe-worthy anti-black artworks/photoshops though it is not as infamous as Stormfront.

Why It's Rotten

  1. Similarly to Stormfront, they are extremely racist, but only to Africans, Australian Aboriginals, Papuans, and San Bushmen.
  2. Frequent usage of the N word as what the site is called, which is truly racist.
    • In fact, the site loves using the word so much that you can get banned if you don't say it constantly.
  3. The site uses an old, outdated VBulletin look. The mobile display is even worse and unintuitive.
  4. They are divided into a Forum with subforums about "African Crime", "African Breeding Practices" and "Uppity Africans" and Content Pages which contain badly made artwork (Mostly made by Tom Shelly and GROIDSSUCK) and other racist pages.
  5. GROIDSSUCK's racist artwork is badly made and eye-bleeding to look at. Some of them are extremely cringe-worthy and have awful font choices.
  6. Literally almost all the new members that join get banned within the span of 2 months. The site has literally devolved into a circle-jerk between Tom Shelly, the Super Moderators, and Honored Veterans.
  7. Tom Shelly's art includes the "N*gger Zoo" and "Ghetto Land", which are even worse than GROIDSSUCK's own art.
  8. They have raided several petitions trying to ban it, spouting racist and ridiculous comments.
  9. They have inspired 2 copycat sites, Chimpout (Also known as Shitskin Plantation and Dindu Plantation) and Chimpmania. Chimpout is even worse than N*ggermania and has frequent server issues, while Chimpmania is slightly better, though pretty bad in its own right.
  10. Very paranoid and borderline preposterous conspiracy theories happen on the site.
  11. Some of its members can be extremely annoying and racist.
  12. One of the honored vets, N*ggersAlwaysSuck made an entire fanfiction featuring non-blacks being wiped out and only black people being left after a devastating nuclear war. After the blacks were left alone, they went extinct in 8000 years because of sentient mutant dogs and their own stupidity. As to be expected, the story is offensive and distasteful to blacks.
  13. Some of their theories and stories are utterly stupid.
  14. The slang they use is awkward and dumb. Words that they use include: "Fuxation", "Ventilated", "Chimp Out", "YT", "Sow","Buck", "(C) Rap" and other nonsensical words.
  15. N*ggermania and Encyclopedia Dramatica are good friends and allies. Many ED members joined NM members during their raids and have used their crappy content pages for their ED N*gger Page which is extremely racist.

Reedeming Qualities

  1. They are tolerant towards Muslims, Jews, Asians, Hispanics (of European descent, Indigenous American descent or both), Indigenous Americans, Pacific Islanders (Micronesians and Polynesians specifically), LGBTQ+ people and are against Anti-Semitism, and Islamophobia to a lesser degree.
  2. It is far better than Stormfront.
  3. People who are hard to offend and have strong stomachs can find this site funny (mostly due to how bad it is).




13 months ago
Score 0
Ah yes, just like ED. It gets a thumbs up from me.


8 months ago
Score 0
No... just no i hate this website(im talking about N-----Mania)


5 months ago
Score 0
I couldn't find much of Groid's art, but from very few images, I can tell they're like those cursed boomer comics you'd see getting memed on.


3 months ago
Score 1
That's racist!


27 days ago
Score 1
The name makes me laugh so hard due to how offensive it is, but its actually racist XD


27 days ago
Score 1
All those trolls that've vandalized Crappy/Awesome Games Wiki would get a kick outta this website.

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