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MyAnimeList is a site founded in 2003 and launched in 2006. It has gone downhill with a more toxic community. More server errors and timeout crashes and the infamous incident with Interspecies Reviewers.

Why It's Rotten Now

  1. It had a large server problem in May and June 2018 which no one could access the site except import their stuff to another anime list site. They were acquired by Media Do in January 2019 to try to strengthen the site but it worsened with many server errors and crashes.
  2. A huge amount of server crashes and errors which used to be extremely rare before the server incident. This is probably due to the DDOS attacks of the servers from former toxic users that were angered by the scoring system.
  3. There is more toxicity and elitism and also SJWs are starting to put their agendas on the site a lot more than usual.
  4. They bashed on Lost Pause just because he recommended his fans to watch Interspecies Reviewers though it caused a huge amount of controversy with many users trying to get the total score of the anime to 10 which caused more trolling problems and DDOS attacks. Making the site's servers weakened.
  5. Many of the admins and mods retired which finding them for help is more difficult and they are more inactive which also reporting stuff takes longer to be submitted.
  6. Trolling and inaccurate/biased reviews are more rampant due to the Interspecies Reviewers incident.
  7. Due to many site errors and crashes it now has makes tracking and listing anime, manga, and Light Novels useless which caused many users to shift to more stable sites like Anilist.

Redeeming Qualities

For the redeeming qualities, go here.




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Welp I switched to Anilist.

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