Moses Mbungu

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Moses Mbungu
If you think the Hey Arnold fandom does not had a toxic side. Then you are wrong.
Real name: Moses Mbungu
Also known as: HA Animation
Man Cartman
The Anytown Guy
Gender: Male
Nationality: Britain
Domain: YouTube

Moses Mbungu (born November 19, 1996) known as HA Animation, is an user known for creating a crossover series called "The Anytown Show" in 2015. But is also infamously known for spreading fake news about old cartoons from past decades being revived and other bad deeds.

Why He's Rotten

  1. His series, The Anytown Show in its early beginnings, was poorly drawn, is justified because it was done in MS Paint.
    • Even in his recent work when the art is better. The so called "animation" of him is just characters just doing one pose with an text box which makes look like a Powerpoint presentation than an actual animated show.
    • Not only that but even Nicktendo (not to be confused with the reviewer of the same name) has animation.
  2. He falsely credits voice actors and producers in his series The Anytown Show, despite they were not involved with the series and there's no voices, since the dialogues they are just texts.
    • He also falsely credited Alex Hirsch in his another series, Mabel 12.
  3. Almost all of the episodes of The Anytown Show, has the logo of Warner Bros. at the beginning and the episodes' thumbnails has the logo of Kids WB, who has the impression that they are involved, although it is not true.
  4. He's a notorious spammer. Various of his spams includes links of his series The Anytown Show, fake news about Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network's shows in not reliable websites or to draw the characters of various of his series like The Anytown Show in DeviantArt.
  5. He also published fake news related to animated shows in untrusted sites like Moviepilot, the article about As Told By Ginger being revived that was published on Moviepilot was denied by many people who worked in the series (including Nickelodeon themselves), declaring that the series wasn't being revived as of now.
    • Various of these articles (such as [[mh:besttvshows:The Wild Thornberrys|The Wild Thornberrys}} being revived, according to a false Nickelodeon Animation Studio blog made by Moses himself) tricked people who worked in these shows, like Cheryl Chase (the voice actress of Angelica Pickles from Rugrats and All Grown Up!).
  6. He plays the victim card when someone call out him.
  7. He's a plagiarizer. He once plagiarized the Old School Lane review post about the Rugrats Chanukah special.
  8. He stole a dragon wallpaper saying that was supposedly to be the next upcoming Disney film after Frozen 2 called Dragon's Empire.
  9. He's insensitive to others, such as he reuploaded the part 3 of Nick at 35, a podcast from nickslimecastpodcast in one of his YouTube channels, despite this podcast and a few others from the nickslimecastpodcast channel had to be removed, due to one of the guests on the podcast having personal issues. He was also insensitive to Francesca Marie Smith (the voice actress of Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold!).
  10. He impersonated various people, like Nickelodeon Animation Studio, Cartoon Network, The Rise and Fall of Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Animation, Klasky Csupo, Clint Bracey, Steve Viksten (Who passed away in 2014), Timbox McKenzie and mainly Craig Bartlett and Jhonen Vasquez, which the latter two called out him for that.
  11. He drew NSFW art of female animated characters, mainly underaged female animated characters.
  12. He illegally leaked two clips of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Book that weren't in the trailers or in the sneak peeks of the movie three months before the movie was released.
  13. He used his autism as a excuse.
  14. He tries to false lead anyone, like he did to Simeon Davenport on Twitter.
  15. He's also a racist. Before Donald Trump won the 2016 USA election, he commented various times in TRAFON's Facebook page and starting emphasize that black people should get out of the country.
  16. He's a liar as well. He lied that he was going to finally stop everything he is been doing, but in reality he didn't.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He improved his drawings of The Anytown Show a few years later, but still don't excuses the horrible things he did.

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