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"YOO guys, It's Morgz, and today me and the squad are going to be..." --Morgz's Intro
Profile: Morgz
Style: Vlogs
Date Joined: June 10, 2014
Twitter: Morgz
Other Media: Instagram
No. of videos: 701 videos
Schedule: 1-2 videos per week
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 11.4M+

Morgan Hudson (Born: August 6, 2001 [age 19]), better known online as Morgz, is a British YouTuber who currently has over 11 million subscribers. He is known for his vlogs, gaming, and challenges.

Why He's Rotten

  1. You can easily tell that he copies MrBeast from 2012 to 2015.
  2. Morgan in real-life is a terrible person.
    • He's psychopathic, spoiled, unfunny, and egotistical.
  3. He does bland and generic challenges that have been done countless of times before, making his channel boring to watch.
  4. His mother. His mother had a channel called Morgz Mum and it was just the same thing as the main Morgz channel, unoriginal and generic challenges like the Spin the Wheel challenge.
    • The Morgz Mum channel was terminated on August 17, 2018, for harassment and bullying, however, after 10 hours, it came back.
  5. Morgan claims the channel is aimed at kids, which isn't true. There are some inappropriate video titles such as, "MY MUM HAD $EX WITH ME WHEN I WAS 12", mostly to manipulate kids into clicking on his videos.
  6. Misleading and over-exaggerating video titles like "TIPPING PIZZA DELIVERY GUYS FOR EVERY KILL IN FORTNITE”, when there was no pizza delivery guy in the video, for a sign of clickbait.
  7. Obvious attempt of filler to get his videos to ten minutes with lots of padding, to increase ad revenue.
  8. Lack of knowledge. He calls the coast of Greece (the Mediterranean Sea), the Greek Ocean. That explains he does not go to school.
    • Even his school told him to quit YouTube and go back to school. You seriously need some more knowledge, Morgz!
  9. Regarding WHR#4, his mom is a complete jerk and unlikable douchebag who acts like an immature and babyish mother. She's basically Nostalgia Critic mixed in with Susan Heffley in the movie adaptation of Diary of the Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul.
  10. He also has his own terrible annual event called Morgzfest.
  11. Once, he handcuffed himself to a girl for 24 hours. Thankfully, it was a girl his age but still. Even the thumbnail for the video is them handcuffed while taking a bath.
    • It could be possible he's a pedophile.
  12. Mini Morgz (Morgan's biggest fan) is a child. A child participating in adult challenges. There's a good reason why there aren't any kid participants in MrBeast's challenges.
    • Mini Morgz is obnoxious as hell.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His first channel, LegendaryGamersHD, wasn't too bad.
  2. Some of his videos don't copy MrBeast.


  • His comment section has become a goldmine for comments featured on r/youngpeopleyoutube.




No bias

23 days ago
Score 0
At least doesn't like Logan clown paul he don't mock dead people.


20 days ago
Score 1
The name "Morgz" sounds like a name of Some kind of a Dark Lord to me


20 days ago
Score 1
Speaking of Morgzfest it cost over a 100 bucks to go there no matter what age you where.


20 days ago
Score 1
like geez even if I was a Morgz fan I would not waste my money on that


20 days ago
Score 1
Morgz's mum is by some reason in that Grubhub commercial


14 days ago
Score 1
"Today we're going to bounce around on the bouncy castle for 24 HOURS!" ~Pyrocynical


12 days ago
Score 1
He’s overhated imo

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