Misuse of the word "criticism"

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Misuse of the word "criticism"
An example of someone using "criticism" to play the victim card instead of advice.
Nickname: Victim Card Players
Type: Toxic Move
Status: Active

Criticism is a term used to negatively describe about a person, product, or group. They have been used for many people to improve themselves and their own problems. However, while there are people that are capable of taking criticism and later bettering themselves, many people are unable to handle the criticism which they have a page as well, but others misuse that word for various reasons.

Why This Move Is Rotten

  1. A lot of them only use the word "criticism" to play the victim card and/or harass and bully people they don't like on the internet, including making hate/user videos out of them, which they claim to be criticizing. Heck, as mentioned on the title, they called things "criticism" to simply avoid actual criticism, one of these cases is this video.
  2. As mentioned above, a lot of them can be used to ruin other people's reputations like when they are exposed for lying about handling criticism.
  3. A lot of them are also hypocrites, like when some users "criticized" other users for starting drama, yet they did the same thing as well.
    • More hypocrisy is that they hated certain users for not handling criticism yet they can't handle it either.
    • They will at times use it as a shield to try to defend someone who isn't actually innocent and instead just use it to enable their fans to attack an individual over something minor.
  4. They even went as far as to cause drama on the Reception Wikis as well. A user named "Cowsgumball31" claimed to criticize certain users, yet he couldn't handle criticism nor hate as he would rage whenever someone expressed hate towards him.
  5. They made tons of "truth or false" videos about them misusing the word "criticism" and "bullying".
  6. A lot of them even promised to improve their behavior or handle opinions yet break that promise by once again misbehaving. A user named Jacob Stout once claimed to handle opinions yet he lashed DuchessTheSponge's opinion on June Bailey.
  7. They also constantly spam the "(STILL HANDLING CRITICISM)" term as an excuse so they can look like they can handle criticism, users spamming a quote saying the user is handling criticism doesn't mean the user is actually handling criticism.
  8. Regarding reasons four and seven, they claimed to hate user videos yet they still make them. Again, making them hypocrites.
  9. A lot of them don't understand the differences between criticism videos and user videos.
  10. Similar to those playing the troll card, they would play the criticism card when they get called out for ad hominem, bullying, demanding, manipulation etc. as a way to justify their actions.
  11. Due to their actions, they end up giving the word criticism a bad name to the point where they cause other people, including those they claim to criticize, to not handle actual criticism.
  12. Some of them think that crimes like false copyright strikes are criticism when they're not.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of their lies about handling criticism can easily entertain at times.

What does criticism actually mean?

What criticism is


Optimus Prime (TFA): Elita One/Blackarachnia, your skill is pretty good. However, it needs some improvement through training, and you may need to control your techno-organic mind so you won't fall into the dark side.

What is not criticism






one month ago
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Fact: Criticism =/= Harassement


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I had added what is the actually meaning of criticism.


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The second meaning of "harassment" is:

It is a pathetic excuse that used by people who constantly play the victim card to look innocent.


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And this is why the Outcast Network got shut down. Cause its wikis' pages claimed to be criticism yet they weren't really.

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