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Nintendo's version of Google+!
Type of site: Social networking
Language: Various
Created by: Nintendo System Development
Owner: Nintendo
Date of launch: November 18, 2012
Status: Closed

Miiverse was a social network operated by Nintendo and Hatena in 2012 for the Wii U and 2013 for 3DS, powered by Nintendo Network. It also got a web browser version on 2013. It is compatible with every game released on the Wii U and 3DS.

Miiverse allows players to interact and share their experience to many users around the world, with either text, drawings, screenshots, and for some games (e.g, Mario Kart 8), videos. Users could even share comments and handwritten posts to others. Posts were divided in various communities of specific games, series, and others.

As of November 8, 2017, Miiverse has been shut down on all platforms.

Why Their Business Was Rotten

Note: Many of the reasons will focus on the website itself, but some will focus on the user base.

  1. It was just Nintendo's desperate attempt to make a social network website like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, only they made it family friendly.
  2. Like Google+, it had very abysmal updates to supposedly improve your experience, but they were usually downright terrible.
  3. The site's community could be from mediocre to downright terrible.
  4. Very, very dumb posts, such as the infamous "y cant metroid crawl", which was featured as the first post shown on the Bad Miiverse Posts series.
  5. There were many toxic fanbases, such as the Smashers and The Legend of Zelda fanbase. There was also the meme and the gaming community (due to the fact that Nintendo's a gaming company).
    • Speaking of the Smashers and The Legend of Zelda fanbase, they even had a flame war with each other, which ended with neither side winning.
  6. The administrators were terrible, due to the fact that they were bots. Sometimes users even got banned for saying a word that wasn't inappropriate. You could even get banned for saying "silly"!
  7. Despite users being able to mark their posts as spoilers, it is very pointless as you can press "View Post" in order to see the post that was marked as spoilers.
  8. The Miiverse Code of Conduct was barely enforced (except for certain rules), and even if a post violated the Code of Conduct, chances are, it wouldn't get deleted.
  9. The reporting system was very bad. Usually if you report a person for violating the Code of Conduct, the admins wouldn't do anything. Even worse, there were a lot of false reporters, and despite false reporting being bannable, many users often got away with it.
  10. There were A TON OF TROLLS on this network. They posted the dumbest sh*t ever, and made fun of users just for the sake of it.
  11. Many users couldn’t take any negative criticism. If you gave them any form of criticism, they would delete your comment or even block you.
  12. Users like The Bard staged an event called Miiverse After Dark, where they drew PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES OF GAME AND TV SHOW CHARACTERS! Fortunately, it was barely successful, as the admins removed the posts right away and banned users who participated in the event.
  13. On June 24, 2015, Miiverse released an update where if a user got banned, EVERY SINGLE NNID ON THE USER'S CONSOLE GOT A BAN! It was a response to users making alternate accounts to bypass a ban. The update angered most the community, and some even made a Change.org petition for Nintendo to get rid of the update.
  14. The infamous 2015 Miiverse Redesign, which completely revamped the layout, removed the ability to post to the activity feed, and added a daily post limit, which limited users to 30 post a day. The update was met with an extremely negative reaction from users and critics, and lead to many users to leave Miiverse altogether.
    • Also, the post limit practically killed roleplays, and users had to wait until the next day to continue the story once the limit runs out.
  15. Before February 2017, the network was filled with exploits and bugs, resulting in hackers such as Arian Kordi, PF2M, and Talon raiding the website back in 2015-2016.
    • Back in 2012, during the launch of Miiverse, a user accidentally discovered the Miiverse Debug Menu. He made a post about it, which resulted in many other users going on it. Fortunately, Nintendo reacted before it could get worse, and patched the Miiverse Debug Menu for good.
  16. Nintendo actually created a Miiverse stage for Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, using drawings on the site, but chances are, users could find an inappropriate image when playing the stage.
  17. Many of the users on the site thought the admins were actual humans, and had organized clubs to "stop the admins", when they actually couldn't, as Nintendo barely listened to their fans.
  18. The website had lost its charm after 2015, and was nothing like it was during 2013.
  19. Worst of all, after the redesign, Nintendo completely left Miiverse behind due to decline in popularity, and around August 2017, they announced that they would be shutting down Miiverse on November 8, 2017.
    • They didn't even release Miiverse on the Nintendo Switch, so they can focus on other social networks.
  20. Almost non-existent swear filter. Many posts have managed to bypass the filter and weren't removed.
    • One example of this is according to ChuggaaConroy in a TRG video, he stated that when he opened up Wii Party U for the first time, the first post he saw came from a nostalgia-tard and said: "What the f*ck is this sh*t, Nintendo, Don't you know how to make good games like Metroid anymore?"

Redeeming Qualities.

  1. Without Miiverse, there wouldn't be so many great users and artists.
  2. On top of the toxic users, there are many good users that don't participate in raids and do not troll.
  3. The Miiverse admins at least took care of some bad users.
  4. The Miiverse redesign brought discussions, so users could do roleplays, and end it at anytime.
  5. Before the shutdown, users were able to receive an archive of their posts in an email.




5 months ago
Score 4
I remember I used to LOVE going on here, even if the userbase and admins kinda sucked. I honestly kind of wish it was still around. :/


5 months ago
Score 1
Me too. I miss Miiverse.


5 months ago
Score 2
I wish metroid could crawl tho.


4 months ago
Score 0
i really hated that when i got into a community, it would be flooded with undertale shit


4 months ago
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I've never been to Miiverse before.


4 months ago
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You can't anymore. It's been shut down.


29 days ago
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This was actually the first page I ever created on the Reception Family Wikis.

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