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Mic Logo.jpg
Type of site: Media company
Language: English
Created by: Chris Altchek
Date of launch: March 2011
Status: Active

Mic is an American internet and media company based in New York City. It caters to millennials. In April 2014, the company reached 19 million unique monthly visitors and has a higher composition of 18- to 34-year-old readers than any other millennial-focused news site, including BuzzFeed and Vice. Mic received early attention for its on-the-ground coverage during the revolution in Tunisia. The Hollywood Reporter remarked that Mic features "stories that intelligently cover serious issues important to young people".

Why they're Rotten

  1. They defended Mass Effect: Andromeda against GamerGate after it was released. In addition, they also defended Manveer Heir for his racist remarks towards Caucasians.
  2. They fell for a 4chan joke and concluded that milk is racist. They even thought that "vegan agenda" was a code name for "Jewish agenda". The joke was based off the intro scene in the movie Inglorious Basterds.
  3. Tries way too hard to be "woke".
  4. In October of 2016, Mic sabotaged a gay military fundraiser at a pro-Trump art show hosted by The Gateway Pundit’s White House Correspondent, Lucian Wintrich.
  5. Mic also criticized Out Magazine for profiling former Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos, claiming that journalists should only work to further a left-wing narrative, and not “simply to push ‘facts’ out into the world and see what happens.”
  6. As a result of this, they have lost several visitors and they had to cut down on their employees along with other sites such as BuzzFeed and Gawker.
  7. Have taken a biased stand against gamers, portraying them as part of the Alt-Right.
  8. Highly supportive of Black Lives Matter in the wrong way.
  9. They are pretty pro-celebrity, so long as it fits their narrative.
  10. Unappeasable audience. As even with Ocean's 8 remake they still complain about lack of representation.
  11. They promoted an article of a woman celebrating her anniversary of having herpes.
  12. They support the forced politicization of video games such as supporting Anita Sarkeesian for forcing in identity politics in the Dishonored series. This includes forcing in characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Even when Nintendo made it clear that there mighty not be much more characters to add in because literally every single character is going to be in the game.
  13. Mic's news director, Jared Keller, was fired in February 2015 after Gawker found various levels of plagiarism in 20 different passages of his work.
  14. Emily Singer, a senior political reporter for Mic.com, created a false news article by suggesting a White House staffer pictured in the Oval Office was actually an alleged Russian spy — then scrubbed the quickly debunked claim from her verified Twitter account.
  15. They will bash the deceased such as Phyllis Schlafly for having different views than they do.
  16. A reporter working for them, Jack Smith IV, was fired for sexual misconduct. He also defended pedophiles as well.


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