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Metro International logo.png
News not that they don't know it!
Type of site: Newspaper
Language: English
Owner: Private Company
Date of launch: February 14, 1995
Status: Inactive

Metro International is a Swedish global media company based in Luxembourg that publishes the Metro newspapers, both physically and online.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They believe political correctness is a good thing.[1]
  2. They support the idea that celebrities should be able to force politics down everyone's throats.[2]
    • They are also hold them up to pretty high standards as well. 
  3. Some of its journalists blame the failings of the female Doctor Who on its fans.[3] They also mocked the fans and told them to stop complaining because they can't always get what they want (Essentially calling the audience "entitled").[4]
  4. Ridiculously one-sided articles at times.
  5. They have no problem pushing out fake news if it suits their narrative.
  6. Hypocritically, they even blame millennials (the same audience who reads them), for the most ridiculous reasons.
  7. They defended the unnecessary Ocean's Eleven remake and consider its critics to be "anti-feminist".[5]
  8. Blames right-wing groups for the majority of social issues.[6]
  9. Anything, such as entertainment, can be easily politicized in order to fit their narrative.[7]
  10. Pro-SJW articles.[8][9]
  11. Anti-GamerGate,[10][11][12][13] they went as far to call 2014 the worst year in gaming because of the movement[14] (arguably it was because it was the year that Social Justice Warriors declared war on the whole gaming culture).
  12. They were also against Kingdom Come: Deliverance because of Daniel Várva's pro-GamerGate beliefs.[15]
  13. They are also involved in creating fake news.[16]
  14. They are not so above it all as they also attack other places such as Yorkshire in the UK. It can also be pretty conflicting as well with one article bashing[17] and the other article praising[18] the location.
  15. A lot of generic listicles.
  16. They are quite against the idea of the "angry" style of reviewing used by critics such as Jim Sterling, Angry Joe and John Bain, as they consider it to be quite aggressive even though the anger part is satirical in nature. And it is meant to convey a point of the flaws of video games.
  17. They claim that adults who like Disney need to grow up, even though, in reality, kids' films and books such as Harry Potter can be enjoyed by everyone.
  18. They are part of the group that has defended Battlefield V, claiming that representation is important, and historical accuracy is not.
  19. Strangely, despite their pro-SJW agenda, they covered a story about the LGBT+ community being racist according to one of the hosts of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.
  20. They defended fellow corrupt journalists. And have mocked Elon Musk and his followers calling them "angry white muskbros".
  21. They oppose freedom of speech as a way to end online bullying.
  22. They also write smear pieces on anti-SJWs like Tj Kirk.
  23. They claim that all men have problems with women playing online games.


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