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Summed up in one word: "NO!"

Men Going Their Own Way, often abbreviated as MGTOW, is a mostly pseudonymous online community of men supported by websites and social media presences cautioning men against serious romantic relationships with women, especially marriage. The community is part of what is more broadly termed the "manosphere". MGTOW have "...vowed to stay away from women, stop dating and not have children". MGTOW focus on men's self-ownership rather than changing the status quo through activism and protest, making MGTOW distinct from the men's rights movement. This unfortunately become bad since they now become part of the Obsessive Anti-SJW community, an extremely hostile online community.

Why It's Rotten

  1. While MGTOW hasn't always been like this ever since it was first heard about, or not about what it is about today, the community is filled with toxic misogynists that overgeneralize women and even practicing sexism, as many of them felt or have been betrayed by women at sometime during their lives, they tend to view females as ATM machines or expendable containers for reproduction purposes.
  2. Their official website is no better. The front page looks seemingly innocent until one discover its forum threads. Some user on YouTube even stated that there was a thread on why it is acceptable to beat your partner into submission.
  3. Some of them prefer fictional female characters (many of which are underage) over real women. This means that MGTOWs are at times borderline pedophiles.
  4. Three words: "Women are children". Some will go as far as to say, "Women are not human".
  5. They treat MGTOW as if it was some kind of religious cult.
  6. Tons of involuntary celibates (incels) trying to prove MGTOW is the best of both worlds.
  7. They want women to not have as many rights and don't care about what it'll do. It's also badly-enforced in places where women are treated like inferior.
  8. They frequently say every women (even non-feminists) are feminists who are sluts.
  9. Many of them raid comment sections on videos that explains the problem of gynocentrism, how the school systems are treating boys, demonstrating misandry in the media, videos about herbivore men, etc. They also whine about their foreskin being cut off after birth in female genital mutilation (FGM) videos, and comment on videos that have nothing to do with them.
  10. They constantly use the "MGTOW" label so they could describe themselves on who they are.
  11. The MGTOWers go against what the idea was originally supposed to be about. Instead of completely ignoring women and move on from the past, they just complain about them almost daily.
  12. If you don't agree with their idea, then they would harass the hell out of you.
  13. Many of them are simply too stubborn to accept the advice and opinions of others.
  14. They are the male versions of radical feminism and SJWs. Like SJWs who, in response to sexism and racism in certain aspects of society, became racists and sexists themselves; MGTOW became selfish jerks who care nothing but their own existence in response to a toxic and selfish social environment.
  15. They ruined the reputation of sites such as Reddit, which caused many people (mostly feminists) to accuse the site as a "hate site directed against women". Despite all of this, it was just an untrue stereotype that was widespread years ago.
  16. Just like how SJWs will use children to further their causes, they use young boys to corrupt them as well.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least there are some MGTOWs that don't waste their entire years complaining about women, but this is a very rare occurrence.
  2. Some of MGTOW's concepts are actually positive, like focusing life on attaining purpose, physical and mental self-development, and freedom from the traditional social expectations; and that only oneself have the right to determine what our true life goals are.
  3. Like MRA, MGTOW can be described as a byproduct of SJWism.







14 months ago
Score 9
I don't mind men promoting their rights but when you constantly complain about women all the time while sitting in front of your computer and eating nothing but junk food, you're just a whiny baby and a pathetic keyboard warrior.

XXSeph MySpaceXx

7 months ago
Score 3
I agree


13 months ago
Score 5
Fourth-Wave Feminism is a joke. MGTOW is just the reaction of it.


11 months ago
Score 3
It's third, not fourth. Still you're right. This is why I don't bear MRAs or MGTOW any ill will. I disagree with them heavily, but I don't really have hatred for them.


6 months ago
Score 5
These types (both radical feminists and incels) of people usually blame their opposite for their own problems when it's actually their own fault.


2 months ago
Score 2
The movement that makes Men's rights look like a joke.


2 months ago
Score 2
I am very disgusted (consitering the fact that I am a female).


2 months ago
Score 0
Are the SJWs to blame for their creation?


2 months ago
Score 0
Some people here are pretty critical of MRA’s so there should be an “Obsessive MRA’s” page.

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