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Unnamed (Memetastic).jpg
Don't let his name fool you, he's not fantastic.
Profile: Memetastic
Style: Entertainment
Date Joined: March 10, 2016
No. of videos: 232 videos
Schedule: Unscheduled
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: +629,000

Memetastic is a YouTuber who makes memes. He joined on March 10, 2016, and has about +629,000 subscribers and 232 videos. He posts memes for entertainment, however; his offsite behavior makes him rotten.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He extorts other YouTubers if they have content similar to his. Some examples include:
    • Him extorting a YouTuber named Freememeskids just because "one of their memes was "similar" to his", all because their memes were in the same tagline, and the meme wasn't even Memetastic's to begin with. And worse, he forced Freememekids to promote his Discord server, making the incident sound like it was all just a plan to promote it.
    • Also, he extorted FlareTV and raided his Discord server due to a DVD Screensaver stream because he made a stream like that too.
  2. He values quantity over quality, and even he admitted it.
  3. He thinks Behind The Meme kills memes when he doesn't, he just explains their origins.
  4. His "animations" are really lazy. He uses 3D stock images of any cartoon character (notably Patrick from SpongeBob SquarePants) and uses the same text-to-speech voice. Not to mention, there is also ear rape in almost all of his videos.
  5. His Discord server named "MemeCord" is toxic. He used to raid innocent discord servers with his gang, their members are just egocentric jerks, he raided FlareTV's server because he made a DVD screensaver stream (see above), he blackmails his members, he's a member hungry tyrant, he always rigs polls, he never listens to his members, not even to his admin (Tetra), he uses Gaius as a bot and thinks it's okay, some special members can do basically whatever they want (such as doxxing and posts gore and even child porn), and he treats his mods as slaves.
  6. He's not only a terrible YouTuber, but he's also a horrible person in general. When one of his Discord admins decided to take a break because one of his friends committed suicide, Memetastic mocked his friend's suicide.
  7. He doesn't care about criticism or even listen to criticism at all, instead he labels it as "toxicity".

The Only Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some of his older videos are decent, like his sound variation videos.
  2. He's against ImJayStation after he made an Ouija Board Challenge on Etika.

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