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MegaUpload was an file-sharing websie created by Kim Dotcom (born Kim Schmitz) on March 21, 2005, which got shutdown in 2012 due to legal issues. The shutdown resulted in Anonymous orchestrating a massive DDoS attack directed at various US Government websites.

Why It Was Rotten

  1. No quality control. 
  2. Anyone could upload files, with NO account needed!
  3. Terrible file-finding issues. 
  4. Digital piracy was rampant (it was one of the top 3 websites that was classified as piracy sites in 2011, along with Megavideo and RapidShare), and the site put barely any effort in preventing it. You could infringe copyright without risking having your account suspended. 
  5. One of their related smaller websites, called Megavideo was not very well used. It had time-limits for non-members, leading to constant abuse of proxies such as proxy servers or
  6. Most of their smaller websites were not very well implemented and are often beated by larger competitors. 
  7. Despite being based in Hong Kong, users with Hong Kong IP addresses were banned from 2009 and onwards.
    • It was also blocked in several other countries before being seized by the USDOJ, including India, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia.