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Mediaversity is a spin off site from Rotten Tomatoes to focus on reviews based on social justice perspectives.

Why it's Rotten

  1. They give social justice infected entertainment high scores despite their terrible quality and good movies being apolitical bad scores.
  2. The rating scale is just pathetic if it reaches an F then that means it fails on their completely false expectations of their entertainment.
  3. They also insult anybody who criticizes their views.
  4. Beyond laughable reviews.
  5. They don't even care about the film's story, special effects, musical score, acting, etc. All they care about is how woke and inclusive the film is.
  6. Heavy use of internet slang.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. We can actually use their ratings against them by avoiding any film with an A rating which is only given to very pro-SJW films.