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Callum Edmunds also known as MauLer is a British YouTuber known for his long form content, TV, and movie reviews. He first grew in 2017 thanks to his response to H.Bomberguy in regard to Dark Souls 2. It wasn't until 2018 that he started to grow thanks to his video "A Critique of Star Wars: The Last Jedi". He is infamous for his hate of the Star Wars Disney Sequels and how he advocates for long form content and that people must make their reviews based on an objective stance.

He currently sits at 335k+ subscribers.

Why He's Rotten

  1. His videos are extremely boring and bloated as it takes him forever to get to his point when reviewing a movie. This is mostly because he does a step-by-step walkthrough of the whole movie. A good example would be his review of The Last Jedi, which is split into three parts and as a whole is 9 hours long.
    • Compare this to DX, who made a video reviewing all the Star Wars Disney Sequels in one video in an hour and ten minutes and is more well constructed in comparison.
  2. He can't handle criticism as much like Turkey Tom, he feels the need to respond to everyone who criticizes him.
  3. He and his friends believe that things are either objectively good or bad and anyone who disagrees is wrong. This is most evident when he and his friends discuss videos on his podcast EFAP.
  4. Speaking of which, his podcast EFAP (Every Frame A Pause) is very boring since it goes on for more than 10 hours, which is absurd especially when the videos they discuss on the podcast are much shorter. Most of the time, he and his friends don't do or say anything that makes it worth watching or listening.
  5. He believes making CGI look good is pointless because it will age anyways. What?
  6. He constantly milks the hate for the Star Wars Sequels since most of his EFAP episodes are responding to people who have a differing opinion on The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.
  7. He's a Robert Ebert wannabe.
  8. Hypocrisy: He's gone on record to criticize CinemaSins for nitpicking when he does the same. For example, when reviewing Black Panther he nitpicks the idea of a Wakandan man raising rhinos when the reason why is for combat reasons since later in the film you can see them with armor on fighting.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. His Unbridled Rage series is decent and is the kind of video that MauLer should be making.
  2. He can have good arguments.
  3. He has a tolerable voice.





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