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Mat Brunet
Mat Brunet (2021).png
AnD MaKe ThE ReAl WoRlD A PlAcE ThAt CoUlD bE BeTtEr tO LiVe iN
Also known as: ElectricDragon505 (YouTube), AniMat
Gender: Male
Nationality: Canadian
Domain: Twitter

"You either support free speech, or you support Trump."

Mat Brunet

Mat Brunet (born October 5, 1992), also known on YouTube as ElectricDragon505, is a Canadian YouTuber who reviews computer-animated, stop-motion, and traditionally-animated films. He is also referred to as AniMat, as he uses that word to refer to himself. He is [in]famously known for his massive hatred for Sony Pictures Animation, specifically the Hotel Transylvania franchise and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films. Although he is praised by many, he has been going downhill since 2016, ever since he started mentioned Trump and joining #KickVic; even before 2016, he still made a bunch of mistakes.

He currently has about +109K subscribers.

While this article mainly focuses on him from 2016-present, there will still be some mistakes that he made from 2009-2015.

Why He's Rotten Now

  1. Although it is okay for him to hate Sony Pictures Animation and its films (except for Surf's Up, Arthur Christmas, Pirates: Band of Misfits, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The Angry Birds Movie 2, all of which were films made by the same company he hates), he hates them for the most stupid and laughable reasons.
    • Additionally, in most of his reviews on Sony Pictures Animation films, he constantly wishes for Sony Pictures Animation to go out of business... all simply because they make terrible animated films, from his perspective. Just because you dislike their movies does not mean they deserve to go out of business.
    • He thinks that the people at SPA are trying to make bad movies. For example, in his Top 5 Best and Worst Animated Films of 2013, during the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 segment, he says: "Unlike Escape From Planet Earth, where the crew decided to just not try anymore, I'm sure that the people at Sony Pictures Animation tried with this one. But it's to make the worst animated film in the history of theaters, and, my God, were they successful with their goal". If they were trying to make a bad movie, then it would look a lot more unfinished.
    • He also keeps referring to Sony Pictures Animation as the "Donald Trump of animation", which is really stretching it. In fact, comparing animation companies with other people can actually be insulting, especially considering that Sony Pictures Animation is an innocent company (Considering that the level of TDS that he has, he's essentially accusing Sony of some of the foulest things imaginable with this comparison). In another video, he referred to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, an animated movie, as the "Charles Manson of animation", and also said that the film being shown off at the Oscars and Annie Awards was the equivalent of Charles Manson, a mass murderer and cult leader, being honored as the greatest American hero; not helping is that he said he was doing everyone in the cartoon and film communities a "favor" by comparing the two and that he was "doing the right thing". It is not clear at all as to what "favor" he was doing for anyone.
  2. He is a massive hypocrite as, despite his liking for cartoons, he claimed that one of the reasons why he hates Sony Pictures Animation is just because their films have cartoon-ish arm movements and character designs. If you like cartoons, what's wrong with liking Sony Pictures Animation because of their films having cartoony arm movements and character designs?
  3. He thinks most of the Sony Pictures Animation staff are amateurs by saying they don’t know how to make films, write stories, animate characters, and run their company. Seriously? Companies, including major companies like Sony, don’t hire amateurs! All of the Sony Pictures Animation people graduated from college!!
    • This reason is heavily present in his Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs review when he calls the artists of the film "brain-damaged 5-year-olds" and literally said that they didn't know how to do their jobs.
    • He said in his Smurfs: The Lost Village review that Sony Pictures Animation got people who "knew what they were doing for once". Seriously? Even if they made a bad movie, they'd know what they wanted to make and how to do it.
    • He also said in his Hotel Transylvania 2 review that Genndy Tartakovsky needed to read the "Animator's Survival Kit" and that he doesn't know the basics of animation. Really? While it's OK for him to not like the way that Genndy animates in 3D, that's still a really hurtful insult.
  4. He is a full-on Social Justice Warrior with severe Trump Derangement Syndrome. Although he's allowed to have his opinions to dislike Trump, Mat takes it one step further and insults anyone who voted for Trump by calling them racists. It doesn't help that he compared Sony Pictures Animation to Trump (as mentioned above).
    • He even said to choose either Trump or free speech and he forbids them from picking both and said that Trump and free speech are opposites when it's clearly false (Trump, by law, needs to respect the 1st Amendment. In fact, it's illegal for him to even block people on Twitter.). In fact, Republicans do support free speech.
    • When Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes had his gun removed, he called anyone who supports a gun a Trump numbskull, which is a very clear false dichotomy. This could be pointed to him trying to exploit someone to attack him so he can be a victim. But sometimes, it can also lean towards Anti-American territory due to this.
    • He literally made Trump look like Hitler in this podcast.
      • He even put Hitler's "Sieg heil!" audio over Trump making a speech in this video. This is clearly a case of Godwin's Law.
    • At one point, Mat compared Donald Trump to Scar. The former was elected democratically (considering that the Russian Collusion was disproven due to lack of evidence) and tried to strengthen America's economy. The latter took power with murder and ran his kingdom into the ground. Go figure.
    • He worships the Democrats like they are a pantheon of gods, even though that Obama and Biden have some flaws in their reign.
    • He thinks that Donald Trump is the next Hitler and enables white supremacy.
      • Recently on his podcast channel he made a so-called apology by saying " I may have crossed the line a bit by comparing Trump and his supporters as bad as 9/11 for the country, a subject that is still something that stings many people to this day. While the statement still remains true, it is something that is hurtful for not just Trump supporters, but also to real Americans that voted against Trump. It's a case of feelings over facts, really (Since it is true that Trump caused hundreds of thousands of deaths due to his poor handling of COVID-19 and all the mass shootings caused by white terrorists who killed many people for him). And for that, I do apologize. Now, with that said, that still won’t stop us to celebrate from the moment the country finally took down an evil that is against all of the country’s values and beliefs. " Seriously that is Antoons level of not taking criticism of your actions and also tried to downplayed the comment you made on Twitter.
        • He later took back that apology.
    • Mat has gone as low as to celebrate Donald Trump and his wife getting infected by COVID-19.
    • He also hates Anti-SJWs and treats them all like bigots and white nationalists.
  5. On the topic of Trump, Mat himself would mention politics out of nowhere, even if the topic has nothing to do with it, and while it's true that talking about politics can bring awareness to certain situations, it still feels out of place for an animation review channel.
  6. He can't handle any form of criticism when it comes to politics. Sometimes he'll randomly bring up politics at unnecessary times, like mentioned before, even shoehorning them into irrelevant videos. For example, in his "Top 10 Best Animated Films of the 2010s" video, during the Zootopia segment, he says "Don't tell other people not to talk about politics!" But should you even dare to criticize him for the annoying habit, he will look down at you and block you wherever you have a social media account.
    • Back when he had a large hate boner against Sony Pictures Animation, if someone likes Sony Pictures Animation or any of their films and thinks that he is taking them way too seriously, then he will bash on them for no real reason whatsoever. He did this kind of thing on Twitter when he called someone "simple-minded" for wanting him to talk about the Mario franchise instead of Hotel Transylvania 3. This may hint that he's hating on Sony just for the sake of being a hater or getting clicks on his channel.
    • He also said that all of Yoshi Player's criticisms towards him were invalid and he couldn't handle his opinions on what he thinks about Sony Pictures Animation.
  7. He has been insulting people who liked Sony Pictures Animation's films several times in his reviews on their films:
    • He said in his review of Cloudy with A Chance Of Meatballs 2 that anyone who liked the film and who worked on the film needed to rethink their lives and get fired from their jobs and called them "disgraces to the animation industry".
    • In his Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 1 review, he said that anyone who likes the film is a "moronic fanboy". This implies that he thinks the fans are toxic.
    • At the end of his Hotel Transylvania review, he said "Seriously, people? This is the movie you've been waiting for?". This means that he doesn't know why people are excited about the film and acts like they're wrong for wanting to see it. He also insulted Genndy Tartakovsky by saying that he wasn't ready to make movies and that he should stick to TV (another example of him saying that the staff members at SPA are amateurs).
    • He said in his review of The Emoji Movie that anyone who thought the film was going to be a good idea was a massive idiot.
    • He said in his review of Hotel Transylvania 3 that anyone who likes the franchise is nostalgia-blind and they only like it because Genndy Tartakovsky made it.
      • Ironically enough, he's also a nostalgiatard since he treasures most 20th century films and hates most 2000s and 2010s films (except for most Disney and Pixar films), adding to his hypocrisy.
    • That stuff he did was considered bullying/harassment. Harassing others is against Community Guidelines, as you would either receive a Warning or a Community Guidelines Strike.
    • He negatively criticized and awarded the AniMat Seal of Garbage to some animated films that actually got positive receptions from professional critics (except for Rotten Tomatoes) and loved by audiences over very debatable or asinine reasons, not only some Sony Pictures Animation films, but others as well, like 2007's TMNT.
    • He sometimes demonizes Blue Sky Studios just because they've made five Ice Age movies. Admittedly, while one can say that Blue Sky is trying to milk the Ice Age franchise as much as possible, Mat takes his criticisms and bias a bit too far. In his Ice Age: Collision Course review, he said that no one takes Blue Sky Studios seriously in the veins of Disney and Illumination because they can't let go of Ice Age, yet he's completely fine with Illumination running Despicable Me into the ground, which is another example of him being a hypocrite.
  8. In one of his podcasts, he attempted to attack Schaffrillas Productions by calling him a grifter trying to hop onto a bandwagon, when Schaffrillas' only real crime was...not liking certain Disney movies.
    • He also compared Schaffrillas' "hatred" towards Disney to the criticisms of Doug Walker and Mat's hatred towards Sony, which don't even compare at all. The worst Schaffrillas had ever said was that Disney could just half-ass a project and still make a quick buck. Compare that to saying animators should lose their jobs or purposely making stuff up about a movie.
      • This also makes him a hypocrite as he calls out Schaffrillas hatred on Disney. Yet hes fine with his hatred on Trump and formerly Sony Pictures Animation.
  9. Sometimes he states incorrect information; for example, in his video "Animation Lookback: Don Bluth", he said that Thumbelina is the size of his Yu-Gi-Oh card, but he actually meant that Thumbelina is a size of a thumb, hence the name of the title character.
    • Another instance of him knowing nothing about some source material would be in his Ratchet & Clank movie review. In that review, he thinks that many of the characters' personality in the film is exactly like in the games, thus making AniMat not want to play any of the Ratchet & Clank games. Though he does have a point about the characters' portrayal in the movie being clichéd, he ignores the fact that the characters are flanderized in comparisons to the games like Ratchet being turned into a boring, wide-eyed goody-two-shoes instead of a flawed character who later becomes nobler in the game series, or Chairman Drek being turned into a generic villain instead of a con-artist who intentionally polluted the planet Orxon. Though to be fair, AniMat did admit that he never played any of the games, but still.
  10. He treats his opinions as if they're actually facts. For example, in his Worst of 2017 list, when he talked about The Emoji Movie, he said "It's no longer an opinion that The Emoji Movie is bad, it's a fact". He basically says that anyone who likes the movie should feel ashamed of themselves. Another example is in his video about what he thinks about Rotten Tomatoes, he said that Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a movie that "I know for a fact is bad" and says that Hook was a movie "I know for a fact is good", which means he wants people to feel ashamed of themselves for liking Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and for disliking Hook. He also titled one of his videos "Why Illumination is GOOD", which is basically saying that everyone likes the studio. He maybe could've titled it "Why I think Illumination is GOOD".
    • He also had a thumbnail for his Caillou video that said that everyone hates Caillou. Granted, he is disliked, but there are fans of Caillou as well.
  11. His yelling is not only loud, but very annoying to hear. Coming off less as angry but more like a psychotic man-child throwing a temper tantrum.
  12. At the end of his "Top 10 Worst Animated Sequels" list, he had this hobo scene that was, again, mocking Sony Pictures Animation.
  13. He lies on several occasions. In one podcast, he said that he never attacked any of the staff members at SPA or anyone who likes their movies, even though he has several times mentioned above. Another example is in his Surf's Up review, he says that he wants Sony Pictures Animation to do better and he wants their movies to be well-received, but then in his review of The Emoji Movie (and many other times in 2017), he says that he wants the company to go out of business.
  14. He doesn't refer to a character by their trope, he instead calls them a rip-off of a Disney/Muppet character. So... who cares?! That's the point of inspiration! Like what's next? Would he call Woody Woodpecker a rip-off of a Looney Tunes character, all because of his screwball antics and his art design?! Or how about he would call some 1960s cartoon characters Hanna-Barbera rip-offs, because of the use of limited animation?! Or maybe computer animation productions Pixar rip-offs?!
    • He even called the main character from HOP a rip-off of Judy Hopps from Zootopia due to them being bunnies, despite the fact that not only their personalities aren't alike, but also Zootopia was released in 2016, not 2011.
  15. And one more thing about him being a hypocrite is this: he is against toxic cartoon communities, well, he is being a part of them now, especially when it comes to him against Sony Pictures Animation.
  16. He treats the majority of 2000s and 2010s films like trash and worships early 20th century films like gold. In his reviews, he even gives the animation in early 20th century animated films a higher score than modern animated films, despite the fact that most modern animated films have a much more improved animation than early 20th century ones. For example, he gave the animation on Monsters University, Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie, Smurfs: The Lost Village, and Cars 2 and 3 an 8/10. Meanwhile, he gave the animation for Mr. Bug Goes to Town a 10/10. Not all 2000s and 2010s films are bad and not all early 20th century films are good (like Disney).
  17. He defends Funimation due to him being friends with MarzGurl, who is the founder of the #KickVic movement, even when there's proof that they are spreading homophobia and sexual harassment. Yet despite this, he's against Harvey Weinstein for doing the same thing as Funimation (another example of his hypocrisy).
  18. Some of his best and worst films of the year are pretty predictable as it's obvious for what he's gonna put at #1 (such as Zootopia, Coco, Wreck-It Ralph and Inside Out as the best, while putting Norm of the North, The Emoji Movie, Arctic Dogs, Strange Magic, and Hoodwinked Too! as the #1 worst).
    • Even his Top 10 Best and Worst Animated Films of the 2010s were very predictable as it was pretty much obvious that he was gonna put Zootopia as the #1 best and The Emoji Movie as the #1 worst.
  19. He takes animation styles way too seriously, as he hates it whenever a film uses cartoony arm movements and character designs (as mentioned above) and would always give it a low score (although another case of him being a hypocrite is that he hates it when Sony Pictures Animation uses cartoony arm movements and character design, yet he doesn't mind Trolls, Storks, Disney, Warner Bros and Illumination's films doing it).
  20. Most of his opinions (asides from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and Hotel Transylvania) are very unoriginal, as he mostly just says what everyone else has said about a certain animated movie. For example, he treasures Zootopia, Inside Out, The LEGO Movie, Toy Story, Wreck-It Ralph, and How to Train Your Dragon and gives them all near perfect or perfect scores (a 9/10 or a 10/10) while bashing on Foodfight!, The Emoji Movie, Norm Of The North, Hoodwinked Too!, and Where The Dead Go To Die. While there's nothing wrong with having a popular opinion, the problem is that he's giving a popular opinion and adding nothing new at the same time.
  21. In his first episode of a commentary version of Walt Disney Animation Studios, he thinks that the term "douchebag" is a better word for kids to hear after he was originally gonna say that "Pinocchio was supposed to be an asshole" before his sister told him that the word is not kid-friendly. But in reality, "douchebag" is also an inappropriate word and his content is too mature-oriented to be kid-friendly.
  22. Ironically, despite his hatred of Trump, Mat has the same tendency to make outrageous claims without evidence or context. For instance, he called Wonder Park a mean-spirited movie without showing any evidence of it. He also thinks JonTron has a mental illness without showing any proof of it.
    • He did the same thing with Gina Carano when she was fired from The Mandalorian. Yes, her behavior on social media was bad, but she is not mentally ill.
  23. As mentioned in WHR pointers #4 and #17, he's also a #MeToo supporter, having joined #KickVic to protect Funimation, Jamie Marchi, Monica Rial, and Ron Toye, and begins to insult or is against Vic Mignogna and anyone at #IStandWithVic supporters like ThatUmbrellaGuy (who has been attacked by KickVic members at both his home and family as he made the charity for support, but AniMat is simply ignoring TUG's support because "he is a scam") and even Vic's lawyers like Nick Rekieta and Ty Beard by calling them "fake", wrong, psychotic, and "not a lawyer" during his podcast about Funimation audio leaks, but both Rekieta and Beard have been lawyers for more than 10 years.
  24. He spoiled Sponge on the Run for others. (Keep in mind that he's from Canada, so he got it earlier, but he still possibly spoiled it for people outside of Canada).
  25. His behavior on Twitter isn’t any better (if not worse) for these reasons and it also proves that he is an awful SJW who doesn't know anything about the United States.
    • He thinks that Vic only cares about himself and says that he thinks that COVID-19 is fake.
    • He said that angry whites with guns are more violent than any BLM protest, which is very blatantly ignoring the violent riots where BLM members vandalized statues and other properties unrelated to BLM, and even attacked the police force and killed innocent people, proving that there are at the very least some members that are more violent than an "angry white person with a gun".
    • Even worse, he claims that "anti-maskers" are more dangerous than any BLM protestor! Somehow, accidentally spreading disease is somehow worse than killing cops and innocent people and intentionally destroying homes and businesses that people's livelihoods depend on while forming superspreader events like riots in the meantime!
      • Recently, on the Twitter post about Claudia Silver making the video post about the Italian senate taking out someone not wearing the mask, he cheered by saying "How we should all be treating anti-maskers and people who refuse to wear a mask." He even made a hashtag saying #MaskOrGTFO, which is insulting for someone who cannot wear masks for medical reasons.
        • About the "We should all be treating anti-maskers and people who refuse to wear a mask." It's basically saying that you can do mob mentality, but no one can stop you, because you attack them for not wearing the mask. Mob mentality on the Internet is not only opinion disrespecting, but also cyberbullying as you can be banned on Twitter for doing that.
    • He called fans of Hotel Transylvania "simple-minded".
    • He would sometimes attack other people on Twitter for no reason whatsoever.
      • Also someone who insults the fans and treating them like trash. Sounds familiar?
    • He, along with Seth Rogan, attacked Ted Cruz, calling him a white supremacist for no reason other then his support with Trump and starting drama.
  26. He thinks BioShock Infinite is a commentary on political topics like patriotism, conservatism, and Trump. While it's true that the game may have American themes in it, the game has nothing to do with politics.
    • Also, BioShock Infinite was released on March 26, 2013, 3 years before Trump got elected and 2 years before he even announced his presidential campaign.
    • In the same video, he did not mention any black conservative, which led to him being called out by a user called D O, which makes him an ironic racist as he supports the blacks in the BLM, yet he does not care for any black conservative at all.
  27. He was against the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife film and even defended the 2016 film in the AniMat's Crazy Cartoon Cast.
  28. He does not know the differences between fascism or conservatism as shown in a recent Twitter post when Biden won: he said Trump is creating a fascist state in America. Here are major differences between conservatives and fascism. Fascism is corporatism, collectivism, nationalism, and tends to favor people who belong to the same group as the leader, based on nationality primarily and sometimes religion and race; while conservatism is the free-market capitalism, untouched by government bureaucracies and believes in a system of ethics based on the belief that each person is entitled to the same rights of freedom of association, private property, due process, and self-preservation.
  29. He supports the Antifa, a far-left group, as shown in the aftermath of Pro-Trump taken over the capital. YES, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT! A GROUP THAT HAS BETRAYED BIDEN AND BURNED DOWN BUILDINGS!!!
    • It is also hypocritical in his Crazy Cartoon Cast video that he wants far-rights and Trump supporters to be gone on the internet. Yet he's fine with the far-left running rampant and also defending far-left terrorism on the internet.
      • Ironically, in the same video, he said that if you want to say anything about this, then let it out. Yet he said that any Pro-Trump comments will be taken down and will be reported to YouTube and said that you should keep your Trump-supporting comments to yourself, showing that he does not care about free speech.
  30. He used logic fallacy and excuses like “There’s no such thing”, "no true Scotsman", "black-or-white" and "tu quoque" to justify his bias and claims against those who disagreed with him.
    • He used the "There’s no such thing" argument to make the claim that racism against white is not real. This is really ignoring places like Zimbabwe that kicked white farmers out of the country under its former leader Robert Mugabe and, in some cases, South Africa, which proves that Mat Brunet does not know anything about world politics.
      • He even used the "There's no such thing" argument to say that there's no such thing as an intelligent Trump Supporter, and this is a case of generalization, and TDS.
    • He used the "no true Scotsman" fallacy, to say that Trump supporters aren't true Americans, and he says there's no such thing as a real Christian trump supporter.
      • He also used the "no true Scotsman" fallacy, by saying that if you hate Trans people, you hate America.
  31. He did not once but twice where he doing by completely naked, firstly in his review of Alice Through the Looking Glass that he's making a running gag from his segments like turned into Pikachu, upside down and as previously mentioned at the end. And he's making an advertisement of dakimakura where he's become naked again, we're not joking.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was a better and more tolerable YouTuber before 2016 when he started to go SJW and talk about unnecessary politics. (or 2019, if you think he went toxic when he supported KickVic), but he still made a lot of bad mistakes before that from 2011-2015 (before he did any of the SJW stuff).
  2. He criticized Where the Dead Go to Die which is a CGI horror film that is almost at the same level as A Serbian Film.
    • Speaking of which. He did have a point on other bad/awful animated movies like Norm of the North, Foodfight!, Playmobil: The Movie, The Emoji Movie (despite his massive hatred toward Sony Pictures Animation), Hop (2011) (Despite that he thinks it a rip-off of Zootopia), animated Titanic movies, Doogal, and Bratz and gave some good reasons to why he thought they were bad movies.
  3. His "Animation Lookback" series is pretty interesting to watch, in which Mat mostly did a good job of telling the facts and trivia about animation and animation studio's history (even though you can find most of the information on a Wikipedia page).
  4. He likes some Sony Pictures Animation movies like Surf's Up, Arthur Christmas, Pirates: Band of Misfits, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The Angry Birds Movie 2.
  5. He does give a few good points on why he likes or dislikes a film.
  6. He finally gave a Sony Pictures Animation film the "AniMat Seal of Approval", which is Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on December 21st, 2018, which we can all agree that movie is pretty awesome.
  7. He does interviews, which he does a good job at, especially his TV appearance.
  8. He doesn't clickbait or has misleading video titles.
  9. Speaking of which, AniMat's Seals like Approval and Garbage are very impressive and creative, which he uses them to award those movies he reviewed, whatever they're amazing (like some of Disney animated movies, some anime films, The Simpsons Movie) or bad/terrible (like Norm of the North, Playmobil: The Movie, The Emoji Movie, Rock-a-Doodle, Hoodwinked II, some badly animated sequels) he may find.
  10. His catchphrases are pretty good such as "What the Fridge?!"
  11. He has admitted to trying to redeem himself for his toxic behavior towards Sony, but that doesn't excuse his past actions.
  12. When he's not shouting like a manchild, he's a pretty great voice actor.
  13. He is a pretty good artist.
  14. He does care about animation as a medium and isn't only in it for views and attention.
  15. He doesn’t hate all conservatives and republicans, as shown in this part of this podcast.
    • But even then it does not excuse his biased towards all republicans and conservatives.
  16. He is strongly against YouTube's broken copyright system and strict/unfair guidelines.
  17. He's also against piracy of media.
  18. He rightfully cut ties with Cosmodore for dating and grooming a minor, showing he at least has some standards.




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