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Woomitex [The Main Account]
Date Joined: September 20, 2010
Status: Active
Subscriber Count: 281

Woomitex [The Main Account] (born January 14, 2002), also known as Ethan Davis, Carlos Miguel Davis, Estela Paloma Davis, Inez Davis, Emma Diamonds, Emma Davis, Naomi Davis, Nadia Davis, Karen Davis, MayComedian2002, Splat Nadia The Inkling Girl, Woomitek Oeboinez and InklingBoi02 is an American YouTuber and Vyonder who joined YouTube in 2010

He currently has 281 subscribers.

Why He's Rotten

  1. He is an attention seeker/clout chaser and takes everything from suicide to religion to convince people to like him.
  2. He sometimes gets mad over the smallest things ever such as his father yelling at him for no reason.
  3. Between 2016 and 2017, he lied about having a abusive family just for sympathetic attention.
    • In one instance, he made a video of him saying he was abused by his mother for no reason while drooling at the camera and convinced everyone to call the child protective services.
  4. He is immature for his age, as he sometimes makes videos of himself crying on camera when something bad happens to him.
  5. His Vyond-styled rant videos are mediocre and his recent rant videos are unoriginal since they are mostly copypasted from Terrible TV Shows Wiki and also copied claims from Michael The Vyond Guy's rants.
  6. He often swears a lot in his videos and uses a lot of homophobic and racial slurs.
    • For example, one of his videos, "WINDOWS 10 SUCKS" has 15 cuss words in it.
  7. He rages in all caps every time that he's angry.
  8. He is a total bigot.
    • Like other generic Vyond users, he is basically trying to be edgy by hating a lot a preschool shows like Sesame Street and The Wiggles and at one point he made a video where he used Desktop Destroyer to destroy an image of the Sesame Street cast.
      • Speaking of which, he celebrated the death of Simon Shelton (who played Tinky Winky from Teletubbies) in Google+, which adds evidence that he is heartless.
    • He also hated companies that make educational toys and he claims that V.Smile ripped off the Nintendo 64 while LeapTV ripped off the Wii and LeapFrog Leapster ripped off the Game Boy Advance (in which he didn't give any evidence of how all three are even ripoffs).
    • Although he hated Fortnite and went by far as blaming the game for the El Paso shootings, one of the livestreams show the Fortnite icon in his desktop.
    • He said that he hated Toby J. Rathjen, yet he acted exactly like him.
  9. In 2017, he used to make a lot of videos where he threatens to kill himself just for sympathetic attention.
    • In August of 2017 however, he made a live stream where he tried to hang himself with a belt, while not realizing that suicide videos like this are against YouTube's Terms of Service.
    • And sometimes, he doxxes the funeral address in the description. [1]
  10. He has white knights or "Oeboknights" (Micah Fambrough, Edgardious, etc.), who insist on defending him.
  11. He often deletes some of his videos (especially his crying and suicide videos) so his haters won't use it as evidence against him.
  12. He doesn't know how to deal with trolls and he often takes them very seriously.
  13. He is incapable of handling opinions.
    • Back in 2014, he bashed Minecraftman20 just for hating Total Drama.
    • Also in 2014, he was basically an Ariana Grande whiteknight and threatened to murder anyone who hates her.
    • In 2016, he bashes everyone who hates Aislinn Shaw-Eisemann, his girlfriend who is one of the people who are manipulated by him.
    • In 2017, he threatened to murder anyone who dares make the video where they smash the Loud House DVD.
  14. Like Jade, he gives people copyright strikes whenever they either reupload his videos or upload anything negative about him.
    • And not to mention he is a scammer because one time, he offered ChannelofX to pay $100 to use his videos. [2]
  15. Back in 2017, he smashed some of his PCs (for example, he smashed his HP DC7900 PC back in early 2017.), which is not only an insult to Microsoft fans but is also a waste of money.
  16. He is also a rabid Apple fanboy and claims that Apple computers are fast and easy to use, which is presumably false since there are some gaming PCs that are faster than Macs.
  17. Also back in 2017, he used a Pentium 4 PC running on Windows XP as his main computer, kinda like AshtonTheBest2004 back in 2017 as well. despite the fact that Pentium 4s are considered to be obsolete by today's standards, even for 2017.
    • He was being nostalgic at that time.
    • Speaking of AshtonTheBest2004, Ethan literally forced him to get a Mac on a Hangouts Video Call for computer-help purposes, proving that Ethan is not helpful either.
  18. He was sometimes xenophobic. For example, he hated Canada back in 2012 while in 2016, he hated Iraq all because of ISIS and in 2018, he hated Israel because of Nikolas Cruz, when though there isn't any evidence that Israel is behind the Parkland shooting.
  19. He is racist, anti-Semitic, an SJW (Social Justice Warrior) and Hispanophobic.
    • He often uses the "N" word a lot.
    • He can be seen wearing a Ku Klux Klan uniform in one of his Vyond video where he kills Tobias James.
    • He is a Neo-Nazi because one time while making a Windows 2000 Livestream video, he drew a swastika and laughed at it.
    • He even called Jose Garcia an SS member.[3]
    • And in one video, he even burned miniature Israel flag with a match.
    • Some of his avatars show he has a toothbrush mustache.
    • He pretended to be Hispanic and African-American and he claimed he looked ugly for being white, which is hypocritical.
    • He often comes and lies about being gay, bisexual and transgender for attention.
    • And he used mass shootings to not only get attention but also to push his agenda.
    • Like other typical liberals, he also thinks that Donald Trump is racist even though there is evidence that invalidates that claim.
    • Sometimes, he'll insert politics in his videos. One example is one of his "Windows destruction" videos where he said he wanted Donald Trump to be assassinated.
  20. He is homophobic because he often uses "gay" as insults.
  21. He created the Karen Gelsin account.
  22. His singing is horrific. So horrific that it makes Toby J. Rathjen's singing look great by comparison.
  23. He makes fun of school shootings.
    • One example is that he made a "banned Splatoon commercial" where the Squid Kid song is played over the footage of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting, which is disrespectful.
    • Another example is his take on the "I know what we're gonna do today", where it shows a clip from Phineas and Ferb, where Ferb says the aforementioned title and cuts to the footage of the Stoneman Douglas school shooting.
    • While he is aware that mass shootings are sad, he claims that he was making fun of it as a joke. That is disrespectful to the survivors.
  24. Speaking of school shootings, he even got the details of Nikolas Cruz wrong.
    • He claims that he is Jewish because of the nose and the name, while he's not because he's anti-Semitic.
    • He also claims that he is gay and hates autistic people, while he and Nikolas both got the same disorder and that further proves his hypocrisy.
  25. He can't even handle the slightest form of criticism.
    • He disables ratings and comments when he sees the majority of the comments being negative criticism against him.
      • One of the good examples is his videos where he explains why he gave Bea Koretkii two copyright strikes, where a couple of days after he uploaded the video he disabled ratings and comments on the video because to him, the majority of the comments are "full of lies".
    • Much like Question LGBT Education and PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals), he often threatens to go on blocking sprees if anyone disagrees with him.
    • He even had the nerve to make a page out of his hatedom on Toxic Fandoms & Hatedoms (which is thankfully deleted now).
    • He even takes down some of the rant videos of him.
    • He can't even handle dislikes at all and he actually made a video telling his viewers to stop disliking his videos.[4]
  26. Like DaddyOFive and Jade, he plays a victim card and tries to look innocent when he gets caught.
  27. He is very egotistical.
    • He attempted to manipulate the staff of Terrible TV Shows Wiki into listening to him and doing what he says.
    • In June of 2019, he told African Vulture to make the video where she says he's innocent.
  28. He is basically a male version of SSSniperWolf since he denies any of his wrongdoings, claims comments he made are from his imposter accounts, and made lies about his haters.
    • He even went by far as threatening to sue Adin Panthers, Hoss Power, and others for around $100 million just for trying to call him out for his wrongdoings in which is to him, considered to be defamation.
  29. He discovered his own page and vandalized it. Not only that, but he also has done that on his page on Atrocious Deviants Wiki. Thankfully, he got blocked from both wikis.
    • However, after he got blocked, he threw a meltdown on Twitter, and tried to everyone on social media to boycott Miraheze for "promoting hoaxes". The boycott failed since it didn't have got any attention whatsoever.
  30. He once planned to delete his old YouTube accounts so his haters won't use it as evidence against him.
  31. He thinks his haters are rightists, homophobes and Donald Trump supporters, when most of them are not.
  32. He stalks female users and the staff of Terrible TV Shows Wiki online and if you try to call him a stalker he'll block you.
  33. He somehow snuck into the Reception Wikis Discord Server, as well as the Miraheze Discord Server, further proving how much of a stalker he is.
  34. When ever comes to Hangouts or Chats, He still showing Viacom Shows to giving their videos a copyright strike

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least he has stopped making suicide videos after one night the police came to his house while trying to kill himself.
  2. Some of his Vyond videos are enjoyable to watch.
  3. It seems that he stopped using Vyond, or took a break from it.


  1. Woomitex has autism, which may explain some of his atrocious behavior, but definitely does not excuse it.
  2. He was banned on Facebook for making the death threat against El Paso shooter Patrick Crusis and is also interviewed by the FBI in his house following the incident. He hasn't made more death threats ever since.
  3. He owns over twenty accounts.
  4. He has a page on Encyclopedia Dramatica, in which he made it himself.




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