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Alex Jones is a controversial alt-right conspiracy theorist and talk show host. In mid 2018 the news site he founded, InfoWars, was being mass banned from platforms such as Apple, Facebook, YouTube (post-2013), Twitter, Vimeo, Spotyify and Disqus.

He was apparently banned on YouTube for violation of several terms of use such as "hateful videos" and "child endangerment".

On August 3, 2018, Stitcher Radio removed all of his podcasts stating that he was involved in harassment or encouraged it.

He uploaded a periscope video to encourage his followers "to get ready and bring out the rifles" against the mainstream media and antifa which is what led him to be suspended from twitter for at least a week.

The Beginning

On July 30th, 2018, a pressure/boycott activist group known as Sleeping Giant tweeted a call for Apple to cease hosting InfoWars content on iTunes for "hate speech". Unfortunately, Alex Jones' history is far from clean as his site was known for publishing questionable content such as how the Las Vegas shooting was staged as well as fabricated PizzaGate claims that led to multiple accounts of harassment.

On August 5th, all episodes from five Infowars podcasts from the iTunes directory were removed, including War Room and Alex Jones Show.

Facebook and YouTube took action against Jones and InfoWars within a 12 hours interval, the former removed the Alex Jones Channel, Infowars Nightly News, "Alex Jones", and InfoWars pages from the platform while the latter deleted the InfoWars channel from the site on August 6th.

What's interesting is that, instead of being banned for publishing fake stories and causing/encouraging harassment, Jones was banned for the vague as always reason of "hate speech".

"The Left Is Dancing On The Grave Of Infowars"

Alex Jones, [1]

This gained much attention from various content creators across the Internet, on the same day that YouTube deleted the InfoWars channel. YouTuber Sargon of Akkad uploaded a video titled "First They Came For Alex Jones," which framed the banning of Jones as an attack on free speech. PewDiePie called it "organized censorship" and stated that he wasn't really enthusiastic about discussing this controversy as he could be targeted by false flagging operations like H3H3. Boogie2988 on the other hand expressed support over censorship of Alex Jones, believing that since he's a conspiracy theorist and Far Right, he deserved it. This video was received with notable backlash (14K likes vs 11K dislikes), and users at KotakuInAction, where the incident was being discussed extensively, called him out and criticized him for trying to appease everyone.

Twitter's Response

Why it's Rotten

  1. It proves his point of being mass censored for having opposite views. 
  2. It shows the double standards of social media as other radical website users on social media were left untouched online.   

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