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MaSTAR Media
MaSTAR Media.jpg
At least Episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super is better than this guy.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

MaSTAR Media is a YouTuber who makes videos about anime. He is well known for making "Goku vs. Saitama" and "Anime War" series which are the famous series on his channel. However, he is infamous for tracing animation from other shows and has a huge ego.

He currently has about 3.5M subscribers.

Why He's Rotten

  1. To get the elephant out of the box, he's completely traced animations from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and its sequel Naruto Shippuden, and One Punch Man.
    • He makes a video of Goku vs Superman, which that being pretty cringy.
    • His animations sometimes are hand-drawn, but it's like a portrait of a 5-years old.
    • His "Goku vs. Saitama" and "Anime War" videos are filled to the brim with excessive screen flashes and shaky-cams to the point of being very flashy, and sometimes you cannot explain what the hell is going on.
    • This video and this Kanzenshuu post are proofs to show that how he traced a lot of scenes from anime franchise of the '90s and 2000s.
  2. The audio mixing and music choices are poor most of the time.
  3. His video thumbnail.
  4. He said that he likes tracing animations because of various reasons, despite tracing something isn't a good idea.
  5. To complete more in #1 and on the contrary to his fans' claim, his animations and action scenes are even worse than Episode 5 of Dragon Ball Super.
  6. His "Anime War" videos are more like a cartoon show of Disney.
  7. He tends to overuse neon effects to the point of making transformations (like the Super Saiyan Omni God form) look utterly ridiculous and, even worse, go against Akira Toriyama's "Keep It Simple, Stupid" design philosophy.
  8. His ego was over-explosive (dating all the way back to his comment on an episode of Mellavelli's infamous fan-series Dragon Ball Absalon), for the following factors:
    • He thought that he and Mellavelli are two of the best Dragon Ball animators on YouTube, despite the animation not being up to the higher standards.
    • He claims to be the best Dragon Ball YouTuber in the world, ignoring the fact that TeamFourStar is far above in subscriber.
    • He slammed Geekdom101 for just "talking" in his videos, even though his Super reviews are pretty much that.
    • His inability to take criticism as he labels his critics "haters" and says that they're just "jealous of him".
      • What makes it even worst is he copyright claim someone just because the user criticize him. Showing he does not know fair use on Youtube.
    • On one of Mad Black Atheist's streams, he claims that he "debunked" Clothespins arguments and videos against him about his tracing during Anime War's run of being "editing and fair use" and that he deemed him nothing more than a "clout chaser" of his "hard work and success", he also told Clothespins that he'll never do a voice chat with him for not being a "real YouTuber" because he has "never done anything" for the internet community. MaSTAR also never actually gave him a clear and reasonable excuse to not audibly talk to him, but rather took a rather scapegoat excuse likely because of Clothespin's MaSTAR videos that say otherwise of him and his traced content. Hypocritically enough, he bragged and claimed that if Clothespins came on MBA's stream "he'll chew him out" in an argument. This stance was displayed similarity again, but on Ghetto Demigod's video on why he would never voice chat Clothespins.
  9. On one of Clothespins' MaSTAR videos, he exposed MaSTAR "justifying" tracing because Dragon Ball Super manga author, Toyotaro, got copyright action for tracing himself in his Dragon Ball Super mangas. Along the way, MaSTAR tries to use depression as an excuse to justify tracing art and animation with illogical fallacies. That's a ludicrous, obnoxious, and idiotic statement! Depression is a very serious thing and it's not at all something to joke about, make light of, and absolutely has nothing to do with getting away with plagiarism.
  10. When his "Anime War" and some other of his traced content were eventually caught on and blocked by Toei Animation, he deemed them as "SJWs", which is a blatant and idiotic way to use and define the meaning of SJW. Plus, Toei has every right to copy-strike their content if they don't fall under fair use or credited.



  • He once had a cringeworthy Yu-Gi-Oh!-centric channel, called "Jwakid".
  • Before his Yu-Gi-Oh! and animation career, he did stand-up comedy.
  • He was good at breakdancing.


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