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This is probably the least terrifying image we could ever find.

Lolokaust is the name of a hugely controversial website that specializes in shock value and openly revels in topics like cannibalism, bestiality, and terrorism.

Why It's Rotten

  1. The website has the exact same shock value as all the websites on the Dark Web, but this time made public for everyone to read.
  2. They even openly promote an offensive NES-style game literally called Boston Marathon 2013: Terror on the Streets (we kid you not).
  3. They somehow managed to have their own YouTube channel, where they post sensitive and NSFW videos on YouTube (post-2013).
    • Worse, all of the videos have not been taken down as of the creation of this page, which shows how ineffective YouTube's censorship can be sometimes.
  4. They even mocked Pier Paolo Pasolini's hugely controversial film Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom by publishing a children's book parody of it!
  5. Their website name is a mockery of the Holocaust.
  6. Most of the site's images are created or edited with Microsoft Paint, a poor quality drawing software.



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