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Leigh Alexander
Leigh Alexander.jpg
"Silly kids, I AM gaming journalism!"
Real name: Leigh Alexander
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Domain: Gamasutra
The Guardian
Boing Boing

Leigh Alexander (born October 22, 1981) is an American author and journalist. She is the former Editor-at-Large and News Editor for Gamasutra, and former editor-in-chief for the revived Boing Boing website Offworld. In February 3, 2016, Leigh announced that she would be leaving Offworld and pursuing things outside of gaming.

Why She's Rotten

  1. The one that started the whole "Gamers are Dead" media blitz with her article "Gamers don't have to be your audience, Gamers Are Over". Therefore, she's partially responsible for kickstarting the GamerGate cultural war as we know today.
  2. Extremely anti-GamerGate and anti-gamer, because she bashes them with totally inaccurate stereotypes.
  3. Highly obnoxious and arrogant.
  4. Highly bigoted and hypocritical as well, to the point that some may even question her sanity.
  5. Insults anyone who does not agree with her beliefs, even her own audience, by calling them "idiots".
  6. Encourages corruption within journalism,[1] and that's how the infamous quote, "Fuck Ethics, Get Money!" came to be.
  7. Encourages doxxing and has done so before.
  8. Known to be a racist as well (calling black people "hood men/rats" and hoped to have violence directed at them just because she feels insecure around them).[2][3]
  9. She's actually an alcoholic, a serious one, but it still does not justify her actions towards gamers... and she's quite proud of being drunk as well.
    • Speaking of being drunk; one time she had a drunken freakout during a panel at a convention, where she started screaming, that it cost E3 $775,000,000 a day to rent the space that they were holding the event at, and spazzed out until one of her breasts popped out.
  10. Biased critical reviewing style. She also likes (and admits)[4] to push narratives in her work, the most notable example is her "Gamers Are Over" article.
  11. She gets off from ruining careers in a pathological manner.
  12. Even her so called "friends" have called her out for her toxic behavior out of irony. One of her colleagues has even claimed that "She (Leigh Alexander) is poison, they only people who are willing to hire her now are people who have nothing else to loose".
  13. She allegedly physically assaulted an ex-employee one time.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  • Her life can serve as a good lesson on the dangers of hubris.



  • Leigh has the second highest amounts of entries on deepfreeze.it, with 23, behind only Kris Ligman with 26.
  • Like many other Anti-GG members, she uses Randi Harper's GG AutoBlocker.
  • Leigh Alexander's Downfall on Awesome Games Wiki.

















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