Krystina Arielle

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Krystina Arielle
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It seems like D.C. Douglas is not the only one defended by advocates for no reason other than their sociopolitical views.
Real name: Krystina Arielle Tigner
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

Krystina Arielle Tigner is an American actress. She plays tabletop role-playing games and was a player of the Stream of Many Eyes. She has recently been announced as the host of the upcoming "Star Wars: The High Republic Show."

Why She's Rotten

  1. She has black supremacist views on white people by saying that all white people are racist.
    • In one example as shown on Twitter, she said that all conservatives are white and racist but failed to realize that there are some black conservatives as well like James Earl Jones, Herman Cain, or Ben Carson.
  2. She can't take criticism as she said that “I don’t have an ego. I am also not a bully. I have said repeatedly I don’t owe White people a conversation about racism. I’ve been living with it. They’ve been doling it out. I am not entering a conversation where people are intent on not understanding me.” When she is attacking her own gender for being white.
  3. She's also a hypocrite as she called out white people for being racist. Yet she's fine being racist herself.
  4. Like D.C. Douglas, she is defended by her advocates for no reason other than her sociopolitical views.
  5. She and her advocates are recently using Twitter to try to defame and fire Gina Carano just because she made a joke about wearing a mask.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She is a model example of what NOT to do when you get criticized for your behaviour.
  2. This also exposed Kathleen Kennedy's hypocrisy when it comes to equality and political views.





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