Just Some Guy (Late 2020-present)

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Just Some Guy
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A person who is biased against anyone who disagreed with him, while also hating the president for having different views? Basically the right-wing version of Mat Brunet.
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: YouTube

Just Some Guy is a American Youtuber who talks about SJWs on the Internet. While fine before the election of Joe Biden, JSG went downhill as he starts talking about Biden.

Why He's Rotten Now

  1. Like Mat Brunet, who takes Trump way too seriously, he takes Biden way too seriously.
    • He calls Biden a dictator just because he built a fence over the Capitol for protection and signing executive actions, but failed to realize that first, the fence was build to stop rioters from coming in; and second, if Biden was a dictator, he would have suppressed the Senate.
    • He also called it a military state just because troops are there to defend the Capitol, making him a hypocrite as he's fine with Trump deploying his troops, but not with Biden doing so.
    • He has also used Godwin's Law on Biden, as shown on Twitter.
  2. He can't handle any form of criticism or other people's opinion, as if you say any thing he disagrees with, he will make a claim up or called you a leftist.
  3. He may have also supported the Capitol riots by saying to all the progressives that this is what they asked for.
  4. He even said that Biden deploying troops in the Middle East is bad and blamed progressives for this even known that they had to deploy troops to stop ISIS and other terrorist groups regrouping in Iraq and Syria.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He is a example that Obsessive Anti-SJWs can act like what they accused SJWs of.
  2. He used to be better before Biden was elected.



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