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Jukin Media
Jukin Media logo.svg
A prime example of how bad false takedowns can be.
a.k.a.: Jukin Media, Inc.
Type of site: Entertainment
Digital Media
Language: English
Created by: Jonathan Skogmo
Aldo Carrascoso
Josh Entman
Date of launch: 2009
Status: Active

"That is what Jukin Media is; a predatory and malicious licensing corporation that preys on creators who are unable to effectively fight them off. It's really sickening."

Upper Echelon Gamers

Jukin Media is a 2009 entertainment website designed for licensing videos which they feature in their content.

Why It's Rotten

  1. They are extremely against people using content from them, despite falling under fair use, and will resort to false copyright claims and DMCA takedowns.
    • They charged YouTuber MxR Plays $6,000 ($1,500 for each video) for using their videos. This can be considered extortion, which is illegal.
    • They demanded Ray William Johnson to take down 40 of his Equals Three videos.[1]
  2. In order to use any of their content without getting extorted, you will have to pay a licensing fee.
  3. They often strike down videos just because they had a similar title to one of their videos.
  4. They have a tendency to pretend that some of their videos were originally from them, and will strike down the original creator's video.
  5. Their responses to videos getting unfairly taken down are terrible, as they don't ever try to help the person whose video they struck down.
    • They even act passive-aggressive in some of their responses, which shows that they don't care about whether or not they fairly strike down videos.






6 months ago
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This company must be punished!


5 months ago
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I heard that they have also been trying to take a huge profit from licensing with little return to the original creator. However, I cannot confirm this is true.


one month ago
Score 1

This company in a nutshell:



12 days ago
Score 0
The only thing I liked from this company was FAILARMY TV. And FAILARMY TV sucks too. Too much beeping the video when the people don't even swear 85% of the time.

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