Jonathan Warden

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Jonathan Warden
Corruption is never forgiven, the same goes for pedophiles.
Real name: Jonathan Thomas Warden
Also known as: Hope McKenna (Twitter persona)

HopeStillFlies (Twitter)

Phydeaux (formerly)

Felonious Monk (formerly)

ApplicableSongLyric (Reddit)

Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Domain: Twitter

Reddit (KotakuInAction)

Jonathan Warden is a former GamerGate supporter who masquerades as Hope McKenna, a 19 year-old lesbian girl on Twitter.

Warden previously went by the names of “Phydeaux” and “Felonious Monk” before assuming the mantle of the teenage female persona. On Reddit he goes by as ApplicableSongLyric.

He was evicted from the movement when his somewhat unpleasant history was uncovered by citizen journalist Rudderhouse (who previously uncovered a doxing ring that involved a Ubisoft creative director attempting to out a GG supporter’s identity).

Why He's Rotten

  1. He pretends to be a teenage lesbian girl while in reality he's a 33 year-old man. This is intentional dishonesty.
  2. His criminal records are rather ugly:
    • He was convicted of possession of child pornography in October 2006.
      • Warden actually posted on Reddit claiming that “she” is a “female underage felon who will have my record expunged when I turn 18,” stating that “she” was charged with “sexual exploitation of a minor”—the same crime Warden was convicted for.
    • He's also a registered sex offender in Tennessee.
  3. Warden's websites ( and hosts malware for crypto-jacking (secretly hijack another computer to mine for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin).
  4. He attempted to damage control the situation after his history was uncovered by claiming that it was all a conspiracy to denounce him and turn his Sealion Club to anti-GG.
  5. His behaviour hasn't improved much over the years, he constantly harasses other GG supporters and often make thinly veiled jabs at Nicole Sund. In fact, several mods at the KotakuInAction subreddit are actually consider banning him, only that they have yet to find a good reason.

Read More

  1. Rudderhouse's documents debunking Jonathan Warden's fake identity.
  2. Several tweets showing Jonathan Warden’s personas interacting with one another, which Warden did in an attempt to make it look as if each account belonged to different people.
  3. Jennifer Medina's tweets.
  4. Dangerous's report.
  5. One Angry Gamer's report.