Jesus IS Hitler

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Jesus IS Hitler
Jesus is not Hitler
Type of site: Sacrilegious and Christophobic Propaganda
Language: English
Created by: Kirk Wilcox and David Beisiegel
Owner: The Creators
Date of launch: Unknown, but it's implied it came out in 2003
Status: Inactive

Jesus IS Hitler is a propaganda website filled with malicious anti-christian lies and conspiracy theories.

Why Jesus isn't Hitler

  1. The site goes to far by comparing Jesus and Hitler.
  2. The site not only contains malicious lies, it has other nonsensical and untrue "facts" too.
    • Especially the fact that Jesus Christ is also a Jew while Hitler hates Jews, they failed to realize that Hitler was once a devoted Christian before becoming an Atheist.
    • It literally says "Both Jesus and Hitler are fans of the Canadian "sport" curling." It's obviously a lie as Jesus was dead when curling was created. It is also incorrect since Curling was invented in Scotland.
    • The website claims that "Jesus hated Japanese people because he was bad at writing haikus.", which makes NO sense.
  3. The website design looks ugly and looks like something from the 90's.
  4. A person said "Jesus isn't Hitler. You should take this site down." in their FAQ section and the creators said this: "You know who else was in favor of censorship? That's right. HITLER!"
  5. It is just overall disrespectful to Christians, and Jesus Christ, as it was made by evil anti-christians.
  6. The image on the front page is so bad at it’s job it looks like a regular photo of Jesus at first glance.

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. It is very likely satire.



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