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An internet troll is a user who deliberately pisses others off in order to get attention (they however can be ignored), by stealing assets, spamming, constantly sending really mean messages to them like death threats for no reason, for example. They are some of the most known and infamous types of people on the Internet.

Don't feed the trolls. (Credit goes to Ramirez for the image.)

Types of Internet Trolls/What They Usually Do

  • Spammers: They send either bait links (for phishing, for example) or keep sending the same message all over again mostly in instant messaging websites. They can also generate spambots in a huge amount to send mails linking to viruses, online dating, scam websites, or even to hack users.
  • Hackers: They can exploit almost everything that uses online features like websites or games. They can also perform DDoS attacks on a specified online service or IP address to make them lag, shut them down or cause them to lose connection.
  • Asset Thieves: There are many types of asset theft. They can steal assets, trace them, etc. On DeviantArt and other art sites, this troll is more common, as stealing art can make the artist very mad, which is called Art Theft.
  • Doxxers: They get then expose personal information from a user such as their IP address, real name, home addresses, ect. They can also break into people's accounts to intentionally expose some of the victim's personal information they send to another user they trust online.
  • Exposers: They expose others for false reasons in order to destroy their relationships or even ruin their life/career. The most infamous type of false exposing are false rape accusations, which involves falsely accusing someone for raping someone, or being a pedophile, zoophile, etc.
  • Raiders: They can heavily spam, hack, perform DDoS attacks, etc. a server group, usually in a group. They can also vote brigade stuff like polls.
  • Vandals: Vandalism refers to editing a wiki article to insert nonsensical information or destroy them. Luckily, the pages can be reverted to their previous states.
  • Imposters: They create accounts intentionally stealing the other user’s username, and pretend to be them either for attention or they'll just do inappropriate things on the impostor in order to damage the other user’s reputation and make them look bad. In other cases, a user may not have intended to have a name confusingly similar to another user.
  • Cyberbullies: They'll insult the other user(s), or even send them death threats for no reason, in order to get attention.
  • Perverts: They sexually harass or groom others without any apology. Many of them can be even pedophiles and zoophiles.
  • Rogue Moderators/Admins: Part of a larger scheme, sometimes to start a raid, these trolls may be less common, but they can be some of the most troublesome. They get the respect of the website and eventually get to be a mod or an admin, and then wreck absolute havoc, randomly banning people for absurd reasons or none at all. If a raid happens with one of these trolls on a site with not many admins, it can take a long time to restore order.

Notable Websites Infested By Trolls


  • Trollface, a rage comic face which was made to symbolize internet trolls, became a widely viral meme. The first incarnation of the Trollface actually came from the above comic. In 2010, Ramirez (its creator) registered it with the United States Copyright Office, and this would mean anyone who makes profit from a product that uses Trollface while unauthorized to do so will get a copyright takedown.
  • Many internet trolls were lazy and hectic, and they're even too extra fat to get up despite they're morbidly obese.


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