Independence Day Tumblr Raid

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The day that shocked the internet.

The Independence Day Tumblr Raid occurred on July 4, 2014. It's a counter-raid targeting Tumblr pulled off by various 4chan users (most notably from the /b/ board) as a retaliation to Tumblr's #ShutDown4chan raid.


Earlier in 2014, on June 9th, a slide outlining a plan to raid the image board 4chan was posted on Tumblr, declaring "It’s time to shutdown" and calling people to "Join us on July 4th to celebrate our freedom and independence from racists by shutting down 4chan" by "overwhelming them with corrections to their awful lies and let them really know what the world thinks of them". The post also accused 4chan of being misogynistic, transphobic, homophobic, anti-semitic, racist and just "pure evil"; essentially stereotyping the entire user base of 4chan as hacktivists, /b/ and /pol/ members.

This is defiantly neither the first nor the last raid plans to be posted on Tumblr, thanks to its high concentration of SJWs who are usually intolerant to anything they don't approve. However, there's a high possibility that this raid plan was not submitted by some triggered SJWs, but rather by trolls from 4chan's /pol/ board looking to create some conflict and drama. Also, as many will state, invading 4chan, especially various boards like /b/, is just like pissing into an ocean of piss.

Poking The Hornet's Nest

Can't trigger others without getting yourself triggered.
On Independence Day, the raid carried out as planned. Tumblr users went to the /b/ and /pol/ board and spammed cute images, selfies and feminist memes all across the boards.

The spamming that came from Tumblr users was extremely ineffective, especially considering the high presence of trolls and shitposters on 4chan. Most of the participants of the raid were most likely offended themselves thanks to the amount of politically incorrect and highly random content and they decided to end the raid in less than an hour (That is, if they were Tumblr users instead of trolls in the first place).

Members of the /b/ board, however, were far from ready to simply let this thing go. Despite the pathetic attempt to raid 4chan (which most likely gave /b/ and /pol/ a good laugh), this gave them an excuse to counter-raid Tumblr, an opportunity that is too good to drop. They bombarded Tumblr with gore, porn, other shock images, vulgar language, and anti-feminism memes etc under popular hashtags such as #fatacceptance, #womyn, #ableism, #patriarchy, #rapeculture etc, triggering unprepared Tumblr users left and right. There was even one troll who tricked at least 41 people into deleting System 32.

Tumblr's Countermeasures & Failures

  1. Some users attempted to spam the various raided hashtags with their own selfies. This is a big mistake as 4chan shitposters simply photoshopped the selfies into porn and posted them back.
  2. Some also tried to spam the raided pages with more cute images in order to block out the triggering content, but the raiders simply joined in, because it's a good way to spam tags without getting banned.
  3. Some tried to create lists of raiders to block and report, but after posting them on Tumblr got shock images and spam messages sent directly to their inboxes.
  4. Some launched a petition to get the government to take down 4chan for them, it got about 900 signatures. 4chan, in return, launched a petition to label all Tumblr users as handicapped, it got nearly 20 times as much signatures.
  5. One user tried to upload a video warning people about 4chan, but hours later was forced to take it down and spent the rest of the day turning away pizzas that were being sent to her house.
  6. Some threatened to call the police and the FBI, as if the law enforcement have time for this Internet drama.
  7. Some tried to report the raiders to the staff hoping to get them banned. But Tumblr's staff has never been helpful.
  8. Some attempted to hack 4chan and the various raiders by hacking their account, but due to 4chan's structure, all of the attempts ended in failure.
  9. A 4chan user pretending to be a tumblr user made a post saying that you can attack a 4chan board by adding a link & opening up notepad and write "del c:/WINDOWS/system32." Some tumblr users tried this and a reported 41 computers were bricked.

What Tumblr fails to realize is that reacting to trolls is simply giving them fuel to lit more fires. The best option in this situation is simply remain silent and wait until the raiders lose interest and leave.


Online war can be as stressful as real warfare, NOT!

The war between 4chan and Tumblr ended in the former's decisive victory, /b/ and /pol/ created the chaos they wanted to see and likely had fair share of laughs from it. Tumblr users complained for a long time about how "triggered" they are, going so far as to state that they're experiencing PTSD.

There are even three rumors of suicides, however, none of the claims were proven and no reports of death appeared on any news network. There're also claims one of the people who attempted suicide is some Kassie Washington who is niece of Nick Denton - owner and publisher of Gawker Media.

There have also been plans for additional raids on July 7th, 9th and 20th, many people were freaked out over theses plannings but when the day arrive nothing happened.



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